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  • Content Based Ranking Strategies for SEO

    Time and again it has been reiterated by Google, the leading search engine that Content is King. High quality content on your website alone can capture the attention of the search engines. SEO is certainly becoming more and more content centric. Google definitely places a lot of significance to content in its ranking algorithm. Taking this inclination into consideration, you should focus on content based strategies.
    Content Based Ranking Strategies for SEO
    In this article let us look at some content based ranking strategies to help your website rank higher on the search engines.

    Content on your website: Rewrite or revamp the content on your website in order to make it search engine friendly. But while doing this do not lose focus on your target audience. Remember that it is your viewers who will get you popularity for your site in the long run. So in order to make it search engine friendly do not end up making it unfriendly for your target audience as this may end up driving them away from your site. Fill your website with excellently written content having no grammatical errors. Provide your reader with informative and interesting content, such that they are tempted enough to come back to read more.

    Appropriate titles- Use relevant and keyword based titles for your website pages. Make it read interesting as that is what will get your target audience to your website. The titles should be attention grabbing and should prompt the viewers to click on the link to your site.

    Regular updates- Search engines rank those sites where fresh and informative content is added regularly over the sites which are stagnating and no fresh updates are being added. So make it a point to keep adding content with value to your readers so that they keep coming back for more and your site popularity keeps increasing. At the same time remember to stick to relevant content with regards to your business.

    Articles and blogs- Keep adding fresh and relevant articles to your site; at the same time you could even contribute to other websites. Incorporating a blog to your website will help you garner more viewers, adding to your site’s popularity and consequently its ranking on the search engines. Include tips, how to guide or some news relevant to your business industry or just informative pieces that would be of interest to your readers.

    Active social media- You need to be active on the social front as social medium is on the rise. Google ranking takes into consideration your social standing. There is no harm in promoting your content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn or Google+. That will help in branding your business and get you more followers.

    Visual content- Add videos and infographics to your website as people are quite impatient and look for instant information. So infographics can help in communicating faster with your readers. Prompt them to share it with others too.

    Keep your viewer in mind while writing any content. That will help you in coming up with content that may even be shared by your readers if they are impressed enough.

    Employ all these content strategies to see a considerable transformation in your search engine ranking.

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