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What Is Directory Submission?

Directory Submission is one of the oldest link building strategies known to the internet community. This involves submission of basic information about your website to the internet directories. Here we will submit a brief description about the products that you would like to promote along with an appropriate title for the submission. While making the submissions, we will also choose the appropriate category under which you wish your website to be listed in the directory. Added to that, we will also list the keywords that are relevant to your website so that when the directory users make a search using the keywords that are relevant to your website, your website will be featured in the directory searches.

There are different types of internet directories. Some of the web directories are free directories; some are paid directories while others are dual directories. You will also find internet directories that are dedicated to specific niches or specific fields. We will submit your website to free directories.

Directory Submission Packages

100 DS

9 Days


  • No. of Submission - 100
  • No. of Reports - 1

300 DS

21 Days


  • No. of Submission - 300
  • No. of Reports - 3

500 DS

35 Days


  • No. of Submission - 500
  • No. of Reports - 5
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Package Name Total no. of Submission Duration (Days) No. of Reports Price Order
100DS 100 9 Days 1 $25 BUY NOW
300DS 300 21 Days 3 $49 BUY NOW
500DS 500 35 Days 5 $75 BUY NOW


Directory submissions used for three specific reasons:

  1. To get back links
  2. To improve the online visibility
  3. To improve traffic rate to websites

When you are making Directory Submissions, it is important to select web directories that use 'do follow' attribute. Only then, you will get back links for your website.

Why Is Manual Directory Submission Important?

All the search engines including Google do not encourage or allow manipulative ranking efforts. If you make use of an automated directory submission tool, your website will be submitted to a massive list of random directories in a single click. This will result in a sudden blast in your links count. When there is a sudden increase in the links count of your website without adequate reasons, then it will set off the alarms with the search engines. This can send negative signals to the search engines and your website's credibility will become questionable. Once this happens, your website's ranking will plummet in the search results. In other words, your directory submission efforts will tend to produce just the opposite results that you wanted to achieve.

You spend your time and money on directory submissions hoping to improve your website's ranking in the search results. If you are not careful with the approach that you use, your efforts will make your website's ranking decline rather than improving it. In such situations, it would have been better for your website if you had not taken any such efforts. In other words, you would have spent your money actually to ruin the existing ranking of your website. Manual directory submissions will protect your website from all such risks and it will help your website get good quality back links in the most search engine friendly way. Our manual directory submission will produce the desired positive results.

Added to that, when the directory submission process is automated, the total number of directory approvals will be much lesser when compared to manual directory submissions. Each web directory has its own submission guidelines and restrictions. These submission guidelines can be followed only when the submissions are done manually, one directory at a time. makes use of 100% manual directory submission process. We have a dedicated team of submission experts that will submit your links manually to every single directory.

Key Features

Here are some very good reasons why you should select our Directory Submission.

  • You can improve your website's online visibility in the most search engine friendly way.
  • Our directory submission is Google Panda and Google Penguin friendly.
  • We will make all the submissions manually and no part of the process is automated.
  • All the web directories will be 'do follow' directories.
  • Your website will get permanent, one way links.
  • We submit your website only to high Domain Authority directories.
  • All the directories are carefully screened and only web directories that enjoy good reputation are included in our packages.
  • You get maximum number of links per package as we follow all the submission guidelines to the last detail.
  • Your website's ranking will be boosted in Google and the other search engines.
  • Your online visibility will be enhanced, as we will create search engine friendly titles and descriptions for your submissions.
  • We will provide you with a detailed report at the end of the directory submission. The report will include the complete list of directories to which we have submitted your website along with the landing pages where your links are featured.
  • You have the option to choose from regular submissions and search engine friendly submissions. When you choose our search engine friendly submission packages, we will submit your website to the directories in a phased manner so that your links count increase gradually.
  • Is your directory submission search engine friendly?

    Yes, our directory submission is 100% search engine friendly. We update our strategies regularly to comply with the latest Google algorithm. Our directory submission is Google Penguin and Google Panda friendly.

  • Do I need to exchange links with any third party websites?

    No, all the links that you get will be one way links. There is no need to exchange links with any other website.

  • How long will it take for you to complete the link building process?

    The total duration for the completion of our directory submission will depend on the package you choose. The time-line for each plan is indicated in the package details. Please review our directory submission packages for more information on the duration for the completion of the link building process.

  • Is this a manual directory submission?

    Yes, SubmitEdgeseo offers 100% manual directory submission.

  • Will my website get good quality links?

    Yes, your website will get excellent back links when you choose our directory submission. We will submit your website only to high DA directories that enjoy good reputation.

  • How much does your directory submission cost?

    We feature various packages. The cost of our directory submission will depend on the plan that you choose. All the packages are priced very nominally to make it easy for everyone to access our directory submission.

  • How are your directory submission priced?

    When you select our directory submission, you will be required to make just a onetime fee. The links obtained will be permanent one way links but there are no monthly subscriptions or any other form of recurring fee.

  • Are the links you get for my website 'do follow' links or 'no follow' links?

    All the links that we get for your website are 100% do follow links. We do not submit your website to 'no follow' directories. We select directories that use 'do follow' attribute at the time of our submissions.

  • Can I use your directory submission for deep link building needs?

    Yes, of course. You can make use of our directory submission for your deep linking needs too.

  • Am I allowed to select my keywords for the submissions?

    Yes, you can select up to ten keywords for each URL or each order.

  • How to get started with your directory submission ?

    To get started get with our directory submission, review all the packages that we have for you and select a package that fits your requirements and budget. Use the 'Buy Now' button and follow the instructions to complete the payment process. Once you complete the ordering process, send us your website URL and the keywords, and our experts will get to work immediately.

Selling your products online is a highly challenging task. Every single day, hundreds of new websites are launched. It is needless to say that it just increases the online competition and thwarts the small and medium sized businesses that are ill-prepared to fight the online competition. Where does your website stand in terms of the online competition? Does your website enjoy good online visibility and do you have good ranking in Google for the top keywords? SubmitEdgeseo as one of the most experienced link building providers on the web knows how challenging it is for webmasters to improve their online visibility and to fight the cut-throat competition in every niche. Our directory submission has been very carefully crafted to help businesses get good ranking in the search results. We recommend our directory submission to all types of websites as we have tested and proven the effectiveness of this strategy. It works equally well for brand new websites and also for well established websites.

The Need To Choose Dependable Directory Submission

As far as directory submission providers are concerned, there is no shortage of options in the industry today. However, as a webmaster, you need to be very cautious when you are selecting your directory submission provider. SubmitEdgeseo guarantees customers 100% manual directory submission and keeps its promise. We have been in the link building industry since 2006 and we have served over 20,000 customers from various parts of the world. When you choose our directory submission plans, we bring with us such a vast experience that no other directory submission provider in the industry has and we ensure that your brand gets the desired visibility. We follow the industry's best practices in link building. We make sure that every customer that uses our directory submission is successful online. Working with a reputed and well-established directory submission provider like SubmitEdgeseo protects your brand from unscrupulous providers with very little or no history. We are here to establish long term relationship with our customers and that is why you have our satisfaction guarantee. Search engines have very little tolerance towards manipulative link building strategies today. Therefore, when you are hiring your directory submission providers, you will have to make sure that your provider will abide by the latest link building guidelines. Choose our directory submission and you will certainly be happy with your choice. We maintain very high professional standards in offering our directory submission.

SubmitEdgeseo Directory Submission Packages

At SubmitEdgeseo we understand that every customer that approaches us for their link building needs has to work within a specific budget. To help all types of businesses access our directory submission easily, we have number of plans. You will be able to find a plan that fits your requirements. You will find directory submission plans starting from just 100 submissions moving up to over 2000 submissions. All the plans are highly comprehensive and they come with detailed free report. If you want to get the best value for our money, choose our directory submission packages. To build Google friendly back links for your website choose one of our link building packages and get impressive back links for your website.

If you have any questions regarding our directory submission get in touch with us right away and we will be happy to assist you.

Why It Is Best To Consider Directory Submission After The Google Updates?

You must have already built links for your website using directory submissions. If you are wondering whether you should consider directory submission again for your link building needs, then take it from us, one of the leading link building providers on the web since 2006, it is best to consider directory submission after Google updates for the following reasons:

1. You must have lost some of the links that you have built in the past using directory submissions because some of the directories that you have used must be no longer functional. Some of the directories could have removed your links while purging their directory or while cleaning up the old links. Some of the free directories might have now turned into fully paid sites and removed the old free listings. These are just some of the reasons for the loss of links that you have built using directory submissions in the past. Considering directory submission after Google updates will help you gain back your link strength and gain your ranking stability.

2. If the links those you have built in the past were not compatible with the latest Google updates then Google would have devalued your links this will result in loss of ranking in Google. By considering our directory submission after the Google updates, you can now make sure to build links that are compatible with Google's latest algorithm. SubmitEdgeseo has updated its directory submission to guarantee customers with Google Penguin and Google Panda link building solutions. SubmitEdgeseo updates its directory submission after every Google update. It is therefore best to consider our directory submission after every Google update to ensure that all your back links are compatible with Google's latest ranking algorithm.

3. Thirdly, to protect your website's ranking and to save your website from Google's wrath, you might have disavowed links that were not compatible with Google's ranking algorithm after the updates this would have weakened your link popularity. Using our directory submission after Google updates will put your website back on the map by helping you makeup for the lost links.