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What is Pinterest Marketing?

Pinterest is one of the top five social media platforms, which allows users to share images as well as videos. Images shared in Pinterest can become excellent doorways of targeted traffic to your website. Pinterest despite being one of the latest arrivals to the social media industry, it has managed to secure one of the top positions and is highly favored by female users. Today Pinterest is no more just a personal images sharing site, but all the top brands use Pinterest to attract targeted traffic to their websites.

Pinterest is a user-friendly platform in which one can organize images based on themes. Each photo or the image can be linked back to its online source. Pinterest marketing therefore involves systematic sharing of images in an effort to increase brand visibility and website traffic.

SubmitEdgeSEO as a leading social media marketing company offers highly effective Pinterest marketing service. Our Pinterest marketing services will help you improve the visibility of your brand, products and services in Pinterest.

Pinterest Marketing Plan


1 months


Compare Plan
  • Engaging pinterest Content - 20 to 25
  • Monthly Submission Report - 3


2 months


  • Engaging Pinterest Content - 40 to 45
  • Monthly Submission Report - 6


3 months


  • Engaging Pinterest Content - 50 to 60
  • Monthly Submission Report - 9
Services PM-1 PM-2 PM-3
Engaging Pinterest Content (Content with potential of going viral + Engaging Hashtags) 20 to 25 40 to 45 50 to 60
Brand Page Creation seo company seo company seo company
Content Scheduling seo company seo company seo company
Daily Monitoring & Tracking conversations seo company seo company seo company
Community Building seo company seo company seo company
Social Media Cross Promotion seo company seo company seo company
Monthly Analytics & Insights seo company seo company seo company
Customised Cover close 2 3
Duration 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month
Price $249 $499 $699

The Importance Of Pinterest In Social Media Marketing

All the leading brands take a very aggressive approach to Pinterest marketing and there is certainly great wisdom in it. Pinterest has become one of the crucial social media platforms for brands that like to fight oppressive online competition. Here are some of the important reasons why Pinterest has gained central stage today.

  • Pinterest receives very high rate of traffic with over 2.5 billion monthly views. The traffic rate continues to increase day by day.
  • The total number of active users has already crossed 70 million and it is still counting.
  • Reports indicate that Pinterest sends the highest rate of referral traffic to websites.
  • Serves as an excellent platform to market products that are relating to women as Pinterest has a very high percentage of female users from all age groups. It is estimated that around 80% of the active users in Pinterest are women.
  • It is much easier to target leads based on user interests.
  • On an average, Pinterest users spend close to two hours every month engaging in various Pinterest related activities.

Effective Pinterest branding will go a long way in taking your brand one step closer to success. Make sure that you give due attention to Pinterest in your social media marketing efforts. SubmitEdgeSEO as a highly reputed Pinterest marketing agency is here to support you in every way possible in promoting your brand in Pinterest.

What Exactly Do You Get From Our Pinterest Marketing Service?

SubmitEdgeSEO's Pinterest marketing package is highly comprehensive. Our Pinterest marketing service plans cover everything required to promote your brand in this leading social media platform. You will save a lot of time by using our Pinterest marketing services. We use fully tested and proven processes for promoting your brand in Pinterest. Our Pinterest marketing services use 100% Google friendly approach.

  • New Pinterest account and an impressive profile are created for your brand by our top Pinterest branding experts.
  • Our team of Pinterest marketing professionals will create engaging content for your Pinterest marketing needs.
  • A unique brand page is designed for your business.
  • After the account is set up and your profile promoted, we will create interesting Pinterest boards in which enticing images relevant to your niche will be pinned.
  • Added to that, we will also have our experienced writers create 500 words blog post to promote your Pinterest profile in the leading social bookmarking sites.

Impressive Benefits Of SubmitEdgeSEO Pinterest Marketing Service

  • This is one of the best ways to drive highly targeted traffic to your website.
  • Helps in securing powerful back links for your website. When your images are shared further in the form of repinning, new backlinks are generated for your website.
  • Reinforces brand familiarity among the target audience.
  • Improves your brand visibility in a stunning way. Gives your brand sustained online visibility.
  • It is possible to target specific keywords by creating a Pinterest board for each keyword targeted.
  • You can build very good rapport with your customers, the end users.
  • Excellent way to promote your brand in a search engine friendly way and attract a steady stream of traffic.
  • Works equally well for all types of businesses including B2B operations.
  • What is my role in setting up a Pinterest account?

    You do not have to worry about the Pinterest account signup. We will take care of everything, you can sit back and relax.

  • Who will source the images required for sharing in Pinterest?

    Our team of experts will source the images to be shared in Pinterest. We will also use the product images from your website as and when required.

  • Do you promote my Pinterest profile outside Pinterest?

    Yes, we will promote your Pinterest profile outside Pinterest too. We will promote it aggressively in social bookmarking sites.

  • I understand that your Pinterest marketing package also includes blog article posting, who will create the blog post?

    Our creative writers with vast SEO background will create an impressive blog post that is relevant to your brand. We will provide you with original content, which you can review before posting it online.

  • Who takes control of my Pinterest account after the completion of your Pinterest marketing service?

    You will have complete control over your Pinterest account. Once we complete all the processes involved in promoting your brand in Pinterest, you will take over the account control. You are free to make any changes you like at any point of time after we send the final report.

  • What are the costs involved in using your Pinterest branding service?

    Get in touch with us with your Pinterest branding needs. We will provide you with a detailed quote giving you a complete picture on the costs involved. However, please be assured that we are a highly competitively priced Pinterest branding agency on the web. We will provide you with an all-inclusive quote so that you will know in advance how much it is going to cost you for our customized Pinterest marketing package.

  • How long will you take to complete the Pinterest service package?

    As we provide fully customized Pinterest marketing service, the timeline will depend on your specific branding requirements. We guarantee prompt services.

  • Do you use Google friendly approach to Pinterest branding?

    Yes, we use 100% Google friendly strategies to promote your brand in Pinterest.