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What is Linkedin Marketing?

Right from its inception in 2003 Linkedin has set itself apart as a top-class professional social networking site. Linkedin enjoys very positive reputation and almost all the top executives use Linkedin for professional networking needs. Linkedin marketing focuses on enhancing the visibility of a brand in this social media site by taking various steps such as profile creation, increasing the number of connections within this network, getting endorsements from the other connections, starting and joining groups.

Building one's brand visibility in Linkedin with consistent efforts will help the brand in multitude ways. SubmitEdgeSEO offers all-inclusive Linkedin marketing services at the most reasonable prices. Our Linkedin marketing agency works with all types of businesses and helps them in boosting the online brand visibility in this most popular social media platforms for professional networking.

Linkedin Marketing Plan


3 months


Compare Plan
  • Engaging Linkedin Content - 60
  • Monthly Submission Report - 3


6 months


  • Engaging Linkedin Content - 120
  • Monthly Submission Report - 6


9 months


  • Engaging Linkedin Content - 180
  • Monthly Submission Report - 9
Services Linkedin-1 Linkedin-2 Linkedin-3
Engaging Linkedin Content(Content with potential of going viral + Engaging Hashtags) 20 to 25 40 to 45 50 to 60
Brand Page Creation seo company seo company seo company
Content Scheduling seo company seo company seo company
Daily Monitoring & Tracking conversations seo company seo company seo company
Community Building seo company seo company seo company
Social Media Cross Promotion seo company seo company seo company
Professional Customer Support seo company seo company seo company
Monthly Analytics & Insights seo company seo company seo company
Customised Cover close 2 3
Campaign / Contest close seo company seo company
Duration 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month
Price $249 $499 $649

Why Linkedin Marketing In Social Media Marketing?

Linkedin promotion has helped thousands of brands across the world both small and large. It will be a mistake not to secure a space for your brand in this network. Boosting your Linkedin presence will help your brand put up a strong fight against the competition. Linkedin marketing will be your stepping-stone for online success. Here are some top reasons why Linkedin marketing should be an integral part of your social media marketing efforts.

  • By promoting your brand in one of the networks with the highest traffic rate, you can enhance the online visibility of your brand and Linkedin is ranked #16 in terms of worldwide web visitors traffic rate.
  • More than 250 active users make use of Linkedin with over 277 registered users in this platform.
  • Monthly visitors' rate crosses 187 million unique hits.
  • People from over 200 countries use Linkedin and as such, Linkedin will serve as an excellent platform for enhancing global brand visibility.
  • Linkedin is available in 20 languages.
  • On an average very user spends around twenty minutes in a month in Linkedin and around 40% of the users login daily.

Are you going to miss your spot in a social media platform with such great credits? Don't you think that you will make things too easy for your competitors to steal your market share? Go ahead and signup for our Linkedin marketing package and start attracting traffic to your website from the world’s most popular social media site for professional networking.

What Do You Get When You Sign Up For Our Linkedin Social Media Marketing Package?

If you want to establish powerful presence in Linkedin in the most hassle free way, signup for your Linkedin marketing package. By choosing our service, you will be able to take your brand to a whole new level in Linkedin and get connected with the most powerful people in your industry. Our package is fully customized to suit your specific needs and as a general outline of our service, we cover the following aspects of Linkedin branding.

  • Creation of new Linkedin account unless you want us to use an existing account of yours.
  • Professional profile creation. You just need to provide us with the basic details about your business and we will take care of the rest. If you have already a business profile in Linkedin, we will optimize it for top-performance.
  • Our Linkedin marketing service also includes Linkedin brand page design. We will create custom design for your brand page.
  • We will also help you build your network in Linkedin.
  • To promote your Linkedin profile, we will create a niche relevant blog post and promote it in the social bookmarking sites.
  • Our experts will create engaging Linkedin content and integrate hash tags while posting them in Linkedin.
  • After the completion of the service, we will provide you with detailed report.

Benefits of Linkedin Marketing

  • Puts your brand right before decision makers and top executives in your niche industry, which can make a world of difference to your brand's success.
  • Attracts highly targeted traffic to your website, the people that matter the most for your business.
  • Tremendously increases your lead generation prospects.
  • Helps in building your brand credibility.
  • Gives you a powerful platform to share your professional views and insights, which will help you project the image of an authority figure in your industry.
  • You can use Linkedin for talent hunt and show the world that you are a growing organization.
  • Helps in sending out strong social media signals and thereby enhances your ranking in Google as the search engine keeps a close watch on the social media mentions and uses them as a ranking signal.
  • You can reach out to people that show interest in your brand, have direct interaction with them and build good rapport with them.
  • Do I need an account in Linkedin already to sign up for your service?

    No, it is not required to sign up for an account as we will sign up for a new account if you already do not have one or if you do not want to use the existing Linkedin account.

  • Will you be responsible for creating my Linkedin profile?

    Yes, we will take care of your Linkedin profile creation. We will create a professional profile for your brand. We will be requiring just some basic information to create your Linkedin profile.

  • Will your Linkedin marketing service helpful in promoting B2C operations?

    Yes, our Linkedin marketing services will be helpful in improving your brand visibility and traffic rate even if it is a B2C operation. It works equally well for B2B operations too.

  • Does your Linkedin marketing service also include Linkedin cover page design?

    Yes, our Linkedin marketing service includes Linkedin cover page design as well. We have a talented team of designers who will create impressive Linkedin custom page designs for your brand.

  • What is the estimated timeline for your custom Linkedin marketing package?

    Please send us your requirements and we will provide you with the exact timeline for the completion of your order.

  • What are the costs involved in hiring your Linkedin marketing service?

    Get in touch with us for customized quote for your Linkedin marketing needs.

  • Do you make use of Google safe strategies for promoting by brand in Linkedin?

    Yes, we will use 100% Google safe strategies for promoting your brand in Linkedin.

  • Who will own the Linkedin account that you create on our behalf?

    You will have complete control over your Linkedin account. You will be able to make changes and update your account once we complete the service as per your package.

  • Does your Linkedin Marketing Service include any reports for me to review the work that has been done?

    Yes, we will provide you with a detailed report once the work on your order is completed. You will be able to cross check the work done with our elaborate report.