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What Is Citation Building?

In the literary tradition, when an author wants to support his or her points of view, he or she will quote other writers or scholars that are considered authority figures in the respective field. Mentioning of someone else's work or name in one's written work is citation. In the internet terminology, citations have taken a slightly different connotation. When a business name and other related information are mentioned in other websites or other online platforms, then such instances are considered business citations. In this context, citation building has gained a special significance with online marketing. Our citation building will help your business get excellent quality local citations.

Search engines like Google use local citations as one of the important ranking factors because citations point to the popularity of a business. When a business is popular, more people will be talking about it online. Google is after such signals and the search engine promotes businesses that have high local citations. Though local citations alone is not a deciding factor, if all things are equal, websites or brands with higher local citations will get better search engine visibility. So if the strength of your online citations is going to be the only differentiating factor between you and your competitors, you are likely to lose your customers to your competitors. Do not worry our local citation submission will help you boost the strength of your local citations and improve your online visibility.

Citation Building

CBS - 1

15 days


  • Local Business Directories
  • Yellowpages Submission
  • Classified Submission
  • Content Writing
  • No. Of Keywords - 5
  • No. Of Citation - 50
  • Detailed Report

CBS - 2

30 days


  • Local Business Directories
  • Yellowpages Submission
  • Classified Submission
  • Review Sites Submission
  • Content Writing
  • No. Of Keywords - 10
  • No. Of Citation - 100
  • Detailed Report

CBS - 3

45 days


  • Local Business Directories
  • Yellowpages Submission
  • Classified Submission
  • Review Sites Submission
  • Press Release submissions
  • Web 2.0 Profile
  • Content Writing
  • No. Of Keywords - 15
  • No. Of Citation - 150
  • Detailed Report
Properties CBS - 1 CBS - 2 CBS - 3
Local Business Directories
Yellowpages Submission
Classified Submission
Review Sites Submission
Press Release submissions
Web 2.0 Profile
Content Writing
No. Of Keywords 5 10 15
No. Of Citation 50 100 150
Detailed Report
Plan Duration 15 days 30 days 45 days
Price $99 $149 $199


Benefits Of SubmitEdgeSEO Citation Building For Your Website

  • Powerful Local Citation Building will help to grow your business.
  • It is Best for enhancing Local Market.
  • The Citation Building is designed to provide High Return on Investment to the online businesses.
  • Get more leads, sales & clicks to your website.
  • Our local citation submission will post only in high traffic networks and authority sites.
  • Your Google ranking will improve over a period of time.
  • The rate of traffic to your website will also improve.
  • Our local citation building will help you boost your brand image.

SubmitEdgeSEO Local Citation Submission Process

SubmitEdgeSEO Local Citation Submission uses highly systematic approach to promoting your brand online.

  1. Customer places the order.
  2. Order review team reviews the information provided to ensure whether all the required information is available to process the order. If further information is required to satisfactorily process the order, information request is forwarded to the customer.
  3. Once confirmed that all the information is available, the order is forwarded to the account manager who will be responsible for the completion of the order.
  4. The account manager allocates suitable resources to process the order.
  5. The team allocated reviews all the details submitted by you carefully including reviewing your website and your niche industry. Top sources for making the citations are then listed prior to making the citations. After compiling the suitable list of sources, our team will start making the submissions manually to every single site.
  6. Upon successfully completing the submission task, detailed report is prepared and forwarded to the account manager.
  7. The account manager reviews the citation building report and once satisfied, forwards it to the customer.
  • Does my website need your citation building?
  • How long will it take for you to complete the plan?

    The total duration taken to complete your plan will depend on the package you choose. Each package has a different timeline. Please refer the package details for the timeline.

  • How much does your citation building cost?
  • Will you manually make the citations or will you use auto submission tools?
  • To what types of websites will you submit the citations?
  • Is your citation building search engine friendly?
  • Will I get a report of the citations made once the chosen plan is completed?