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Are you interested in finding a link building strategy that will help your website get the highest quality links? Do you want to rank high for top keywords in the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc? Do you want to get premium directory listing links that will improve your website’s online visibility? SubmitEdgeseo Article Prism offers the perfect solution for all your link building needs. Article Prism is an innovative link building strategy developed by SubmitEdgeseo to help websites get impressive ranking within a short period.

Today, it is not just the number of links that matters for your website’s success, but it is the quality of the links you have that matters. As the competition is soaring in every industry, conventional link building strategies are not enough to achieve the desired levels of success. That makes it vital that you take one-step further from the rest to be the outlier. Our Article Prism will help you achieve your online search engine ranking goals faster.

Article Prism Packages

AP - 1

20 Days


  • Article Sites - 7
  • No. of Reports - 1

AP - 2

40 Days


  • Article Sites - 14
  • No. of Reports - 2

AP - 3

60 Days


  • Article Sites - 21
  • No. of Reports - 3
Package Name Article Sites Duration (Days) No. of Reports Price Order
AP-1 7 20 Days 1 $249 BUY NOW
AP-2 14 40 Days 2 $449 BUY NOW
AP-3 21 60 Days 3 $699 BUY NOW

Graphical Representation of Article Prism

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What Is Article Prism And How Does It Work?

When you sign up for our Article Prism, we will submit articles to high PR article sites that are interconnected. SubmitEdgeseo Article Prism includes seven article sites in each package. We have three packages AP-1, AP-2 and AP-3 to suit your specific budget and requirements. This is how the article sites are interconnected to boost the link power:

  • Article Site 1 links to Article Site 2 and Article Site 3 and back to the ""
  • Article Site 3 links to Article Site 5 back to the ""
  • Article Site 4 links to Article Site 6 back to the ""
  • Article Site 5 links to Article Site 7 back to the ""

Features Of SubmitEdgeseo Article Prism

  • Link building done by highly experienced SEO professionals.
  • Highly flexible packages to suit your specific budget and requirements.
  • We submit the articles only to "dofollow" article sites.
  • Each article submitted will be of 500 words and will be written by highly experienced SEO writers.
  • All the articles written will be niche relevant and keyword rich.
  • Articles will be sent to you for your approval.
  • We submit only to highly reputed article sites with good PR.
  • You will get high quality back links through our Article Prism.
  • We also do Deep Linking that is getting links for the inner pages of your website.
  • Each Article Prism package includes 10 sites social bookmarking for all landing pages of your website.
  • We use only unique Class C IPs.
  • SubmitEdgeseo Article Prism is not for gambling and porn sites.
  • You will be given a complete report after the completion of the Article Prism.

Top Benefits Of SubmitEdgeseo Article Prism

  • High quality back links from niche relevant content.
  • Fastest search engine indexing.
  • You will get links from the root domain of high PR article sites.
  • 100% natural link building.
  • 10 free social bookmarking in high PR websites with each package.

  • What are the benefits of your Article Prism?

    Firstly, you will get high quality back links from pages with niche relevant content. Secondly, as all the links are approved links, you need not have to renew your links or spend any money to retain your links. And finally, your online ranking will be boosted by the high quality links obtained from our article prism.

  • How much does your article prism cost?

    We have highly flexible article prism packages to suit your specific needs and your budget. You can choose from any of the three article submission packages AP1, AP2 and AP3.

  • Will the websites to which you will be submitting the articles be popular?

    We will submit the articles only to highly reputed article submission directories. All the article directories are highly popular.

  • Do I get links from "do follow" pages?

    Absolutely, you will get links only from pages with "do follow" attribute.

  • Who will write the articles for your article prism? Do I need to give you the articles?

    We have a highly trained team of experienced SEO writers who will write the articles for your Article Prism packages. You need not have to write any articles, we will take care of everything including article writing. However, if you already have keyword rich articles that you like us to use, we will have no problem with it.

  • Are the links that I get through your article prism permanent?

    Yes, all the links that you get from our article prism are absolutely long lasting links and you need not have to pay any further to renew them or to keep them alive.

  • Do you give any report at the completion of the Article Prism?

    Yes, you will get a complete report on all the submissions made at the completion of our article prism as per the chosen package.

  • Can I get links for my website's inner pages?

    Yes, deep linking is certainly possible. You can build links for your home page or your inner pages.

  • What will be the length of the articles submitted to the article sites?

    All the articles that we create will be of 500 words each.

  • Will the articles created be unique?

    Yes, we will write unique articles using highly experienced SEO writers. You need not have to worry about plagiarism.

  • How many links will each post include?

    Each post will include only two to three links so that the keyword strength of the articles does not water down.

  • Is your article prism a safe way to build links?

    Yes, our article prism is a very safe way to build links. Here your links are built in a very natural way and hence it is a very search engine friendly approach.