Google Penalty Recovery Services - 100% Manual Process for removing the Google Imposed Penalty

Are you frequently running into Google penalties that make your website's hard earned ranking plummet? Google penalty could be one of the worst things that could happen to your website when you are busy trying to build your online fortress and busy trying to attract new leads for your business.

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What Is Google Penalty?

Google is one of the most advanced search engines that we have known in our era. More than 80% of the organic traffic to websites comes through Google, which makes everyone jump on to the Google ranking bandwagon. In an effort to get top ranking, websites use unethical means and strategies to obtain top ranks. Such efforts lead to poor quality results, which Google never tolerates and to curb such menaces Google's web spam team frequently comes up with several algorithmic updates and clean up the search results to proffer dependable search results for its users. Some of the toughest and the most popular updates that turned things topsy-turvy include Google Penguin and Google Panda updates. Google has penalized the websites which used the link schema's and manipulated the ranking strategies. To achieve these goals Google uses either automatic updates or manual reviews or a blend of both.

Google Penalty Removal Package

40% of our clients had their penalty removed in just 3 months.

Google Penalty Removal

6 Months


Package Name Duration (Months) Price Order
Google Penalty Removal 6 $1499 BUY NOW

Impact Of Google Penalty On Websites

  • Google Penalty could completely break a business. If your website has been enjoying top ten ranking you are likely to receive a high volume of traffic. On the other hand penalty can push your website rankings down and sometimes disappear from the search results as well.
  • In addition you need to spend more money to generate traffic using paid traffic generation strategies like PPC and social media marketing.
  • The number of leads that you generate through your website will drop dramatically.
  • Your conversion rates will also proportionately drop.
  • As a result you notice reduced revenue and ROI.
  • You should therefore act swiftly to restore your website's ranking without which you cannot possibly achieve your business objectives effectively. This is where SubmitEdgeSEO could help you with its Google Penalty Recovery Services.

Benefits Of Google Penalty Removal

  • SubmitEdgeSEO makes use of 100% manual process for removing the Google imposed penalty. We make use of only warranted strategies that ensure quick results.
  • Ultimately your website's ranking is improved. And your website starts appearing in search results.
  • You will be able to regain steady stream of traffic to your website, which you had lost due to penalty.
  • At the same time your online promotional efforts will start yielding results.
  • In fact your website's credibility is reinstated in Google's books.

Our Google Penalty Recovery Services -  Process

Your website's position is already greatly jeopardized when Google has imposed a penalty upon your website. And that is why at SubmitEdgeSEO Google Penalty Recovery Services make use of only fully tested and proven strategies to remove the penalties imposed by Google. We offer end-to-end Google penalty recovery services which means you don't have to worry about anything once you have entrusted your website to us, we will take care of everything.

Our Google penalty recovery services process is as delineated below :

Complete Website Analysis :

As soon as we receive your order, our experts will review your website completely to understand and identify any underlying reasons that could have triggered the penalty. There could be one or more reasons for attracting a penalty from Google and one of the potential areas of mistake is your website. In our review process we will check whether your website over optimized. In case of over optimization, we will recommend you the necessary corrective measures.

Webmaster Tool Analysis :

We will also make a complete webmaster tool analysis and check whether your website has received any warnings from Google indicating the nature of the issues that could persist.

Finding Unnatural Links and Removal of Links from Third Party Websites :

This is one of the major causes for the fall of most websites. Most websites acquire and accumulate loads of unnatural links either because of ignorance or as a result of entrusting their link building needs to a substandard service provider. In this process we remove the unnatural links to your website because Google is not ready to accept them. This is one of the most challenging parts of the penalty removal process. Don't worry, in our manual analysis, we will identify all these links that are potentially harming your website and remove them from third party websites.

Link Disavow Using Google Webmaster Disavow Tool :

As a next step, we will also disavow the problematic links using Google Webmaster's Disavow tool so that the problematic links are not affecting your website any longer.

Submission of Reconsideration and Review Request to Google :

After eliminating all the causes for the penalty through the above steps, we will submit a reconsideration request to Google for reviewing your website for ranking restoration.

Google Lifts The Penalty From Your Website :

Google will subsequently review the request, establish that everything is in place after reviewing your website and lift the penalty.


  • Will my website's ranking improve immediately after your penalty removal?
  • How much does your service cost me?
  • What is the total duration for removing the penalty?
  • Does your company take care of further link building needs of my website to restore its ranking?
  • Does your company send any reports at the completion of the service?
  • Will you designate a dedicated project manager to process my order?
  • Do I get 100 % refund if my website penalty is not lifted by Google ?