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What Exactly Is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook marketing refers to the process of promoting a brand, product or service in Facebook, the world's most popular social media platform. Facebook marketing or Facebook branding has now become one of the inherent aspects of any internet marketing plan. Facebook marketing constitutes of four important aspects namely,

  1. Creation of shareable and engaging content.
  2. Promotion of the content in Facebook.
  3. Engaging other users and building a network.
  4. Regular assessment of the performance of the Facebook marketing strategy in use and modification of the applied strategy to achieve optimum results.

Facebook Marketing Plan


1 Month


  • Engaging Facebook Content - 18 to 20
  • Brand Page Creation
  • Content Scheduling
  • Daily Monitoring & Tracking conversations
  • Community Building
  • Social Media Cross Promotion
  • Monthly Analytics & Insights
  • Facebook Ads


1 Month


  • Engaging Facebook Content - 25 to 30
  • Brand Page Creation
  • Content Scheduling
  • Daily Monitoring & Tracking conversations
  • Community Building
  • Social Media Cross Promotion
  • Monthly Analytics & Insights
  • Facebook Ads


1 Month


  • Engaging Facebook Content - 35 to 50
  • Brand Page Creation
  • Cover page design
  • Content Scheduling
  • Daily Monitoring & Tracking conversations
  • Community Building
  • Social Media Cross Promotion
  • Monthly Analytics & Insights
  • Facebook Ads
Service Name FM-1 FM-2 FM-3
Engaging Facebook Content (Content with potential of going viral +
Engaging Hashtags)
18 to 20 25 to 30 35 to 50
Brand Page Creation
Content Scheduling
Daily Monitoring & Tracking conversations
Community Building
Social Media Cross Promotion
Monthly Analytics & Insights
Facebook Ads
Facebook Reviews 2 5 10
Customised Cover Photo 1 2 3
Campaign / Contest
Duration 1 Month 1 Month 1 Month
Price $549 $899 $1,499


As opposed to the other search engine marketing efforts that aim at building the link popularity of websites and thereby improving the website's search engine ranking, Facebook marketing focuses on strengthening the Facebook social media signals using the principles of viral marketing to boost the online popularity of the brand under question and thereby drive highly targeted traffic to website or the brand that is being promoted.

SubmitEdgeSEO is your trusted agency that will help your brand's visibility in Facebook significantly. We offer exceptional Facebook marketing service and give your brand the exposure that it deserves in Facebook.

The Significance Of Facebook Marketing In Social Media Marketing
[Why Facebook Marketing In Social Media Marketing?]

Why is Facebook marketing an indispensable ingredient of your social media marketing mix? Why is Facebook marketing so very significant for you? The statistics will speak for themselves here.

  • 1.3 billion active monthly users.
  • Around 800 million people log on to Facebook daily.
  • Approximately 20% annual increase in the members count.
  • 300 million photos are uploaded daily.
  • Every Facebook user spends on an average of twenty minutes daily in Facebook.
  • Almost 50% of the internet marketers consider that Facebook branding is essential for brand success.
  • Gives access to people from all age groups.
  • You can feel the pulse of the end users by directly interacting with them. No other platform can take you closer to your customers than Facebook.
  • You can reach your customers in over 70 languages.

All these numbers have a significant marketing value for your brand. In other words, Facebook has the power to put your brand right before the audience that matter the most for your business. It is one of the fastest ways to reach you target audience.

What Do You Get From Our Facebook Social Media Marketing Service?

We offer highly comprehensive Facebook marketing services. We take care of everything and you just need to sit back, relax and watch your popularity soar high in the world's leading social media platform. When you sign up for our Facebook marketing package, our experts will setup a new account for your brand in Facebook if you already do not have one. We will design a stunning Facebook business page to make your brand stand out in Facebook. Our team of experts will also create an impressive profile. Your profile will be promoted in the leading networks through the use of search engine friendly methods. Our Facebook marketing service plans also include Facebook Notes creation, building of Facebook fans, creation of engaging content and the aggressive promotion of the content.

Benefits That Your Brand Cannot Afford To Miss

Facebook marketing brings about myriad benefits to your brand. If you want to be an industry leader, every single benefit listed below is crucial for your brand's success.

  • You can reach millions of highly targeted customers within a very short time.
  • Your website will attract steady stream of organic traffic.
  • You will be in constant touch with your customers / end users.
  • Have a better understanding of the likes, dislikes and preferences of your customers.
  • Enjoy highly enhanced brand visibility.
  • Derive powerful insights required for developing effective marketing strategies.
  • As it is content based branding effort, your overall visibility increases in Google as the search engine gives prime importance to content based strategies.
  • You can promote your seasonal offers and deals in the most effective manner.
  • You can attract new customers, improve brand loyalty and ultimately increase your overall sales revenue.
  • What types of businesses can benefit from your service?

    Without any exception, all types of businesses can benefit from our Facebook marketing service. It works equally well for small, medium and large sized businesses. Regardless of whether you are targeting local market or international market, our Facebook marketing service will help you attract new customers.

  • Do your Facebook branding services use content-based strategies?

    Yes, we make use of content-based approach to Facebook marketing to attract new leads and to promote your visibility in Google.

  • Will you create a new profile or use the existing Facebook page that I already have?

    It is totally up to you. If you want us to use your existing Facebook page, we will have no problem with it. If you want a new page to be created, we are happy to create a new Facebook page for your brand.

  • Will you create a custom design for my Facebook page or use a readymade template?

    We will create a custom design for your Facebook page and no readymade Facebook design templates will be used.

  • How much do you charge for your package?

    Please contact us for the prices. We will provide you with a customized quote for our Facebook marketing service after reviewing your requirements and branding needs.

  • Do you make use of Google compatible strategies to promote my brand in Facebook?

    Absolutely, all the strategies that we use in our Facebook marketing service are Google friendly. We update our strategies regularly to make them compatible with the latest Google algorithm.

  • Do you make use of automated software tools to create Facebook account or to make Facebook posts?

    No, we do not make use of any automated software tools in our Facebook marketing service. We use completely manual procedures.

  • Do you take care of all the content creation needs for my order or do I need to provide the content?

    We will create all the required content. However if you have your own content to be shared, we will not have any objection to it.