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Are you looking for cost effective SEO solutions for your website?
Are you interested in Pay on Results SEO?

SubmitEdgeSEO has the answer to all your Search Engine Optimization and Marketing needs. Whether you are looking at optimizing your brand new website or well established website, our Pay for Performance SEO will give your website excellent online visibility. As the term suggests, Pay For Performance plan will require you to only pay for the results that you get. Use our assistance to get the best out of every dollar that you spend on your website's optimization plans and search engine marketing efforts. Do not waste your time and money on plans that promise great results but leave you in a quandary. Choose our Pay for Performance SEO and gain total control over your website's SEO and internet marketing budget.

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Benefits of Pay For Performance SEO

  • Pay us only when you get the best results that is, top ranking on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • We make use of up to date strategies for optimizing and ranking your website
  • The strategies employed are ethical and compliant with Google's Panda and Penguin upgrades and updates
  • Our Pay For Performance SEO will increase leads, sales, and clicks to your website
  • Three major search engines are considered for optimization that is Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  • Your monthly fee will be waivered if your website is not featured in 1 to 30 results for the chosen keyword in the top search engines
  • Our pay on results seo allows you to target specific keywords and the fee is charged per keyword. This makes it easy to manage your SEO budget.
  • Our SEO experts would review your website and provide you with guidance.
  • Regardless of the number of keywords that you choose, you get the best value for your money.
  • Affordable and flexible pricing structure to suit your budget.
  • What does Pay For Performance SEO mean?

    Pay For Performance SEO means that you will be required to pay for our Pay For Performance only when your website gets the promised ranking. In other words, you pay for the results.

  • What types of SEO strategies will you use?

    We use strategies that are 100% ethical and compliant with Google's Panda and Penguin updates.

  • Who will implement the On Page suggestions on my website?

    You may select the experts yourself or allow us to do the same from our end.

  • How frequently do you send the reports?

    We send weekly reports of keyword ranking in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

  • How is your Pay For Performance SEO priced?

    Our Pay For Performance SEO is priced per keyword. You will be charged on a monthly basis as per the number of keywords and the performance of your website for every keyword chosen. You can choose to optimize your website for as many keywords as you like based on your budget and specific requirements.

  • Are there any other hidden costs?

    No. You simply have to pay a monthly performance fee for your ranked keywords.

  • How frequently will you track the ranking of my website?

    We will track the ranking of your website on a weekly basis.

  • How many search engines do you target?

    We target the top three search engines namely, Google, Yahoo and Bing.

  • What is the total duration of the Pay For Performance SEO?

    The Pay For Performance SEO period for each contract is six months.

  • Can I change the keywords during the campaign?

    You cannot change the keywords once the campaign begins and until the end i.e. six months.

  • What happens after Pay for Performance SEO is completed?

    You can continue the Pay For Performance SEO with reduced pricing to maintain the ranking of your keywords.

  • I still need some more clarifications regarding your Pay For Performance SEO. How do I have them clarified?

    Feel free to call, email, or get in touch with us through our live chat on our website or contact us form.