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Leverage The Potential Of Your Contacts List And Make Them Count

Are you someone with a strong networking capabilities and with a large contacts list? You can partner with SubmitEdgeSEO and leverage the potential of your contacts list. At SubmitEdgeSEO we have an impressive referral program. Refer our services to people and businesses that could benefit from our wide range of SEO and online marketing services.

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What is in it for me?

Yes, we know what you are thinking. "What is in it for me?" Right? Our referral program is a strategy that keeps everyone happy.

  • As a referrer of our service, you get a sizeable cut out of the sale that we generate from the lead that you refer to us. For every customer that you refer to us, we will pay you 10% out of each sale. If the customer that you send us purchases our services worth $2500, you get an easy $250 credited to your account. There is no sweat involved absolutely what so ever.
  • The customer that you refer to us would have found one of the best SEO companies on the web with our outstanding services. The quality of our services will vouch for itself.
  • As the service provider, we would have found a new customer. We know the art and have the required SEO expertise to impress our customers, which in turn will uphold your credibility with the person or business that you referred to us.

No Strings Attached!

If it is sounding too good to be true, don't worry, there are no strings attached. Our referral program is one of the most straightforward opportunities that you will find online. You are not required to make any purchase from us to be a valid referrer of our services. There is no membership fee or subscription fee to this program. Our referral program is an open-ended program and you get paid through PayPal.

Who Can Be Part Of Our SEO Referral Program?

Anyone can refer our services and get paid promptly as soon as the lead that you send us makes a valid purchase by making the payment for one or more of our services. You could be an individual or you could be a company that offers web design, logo design services or other allied services whereby your customers are very likely to be using SEO services sometime in the near future. There is no work involved from your part except to fill a simple referral form that should not take more than 30 seconds and we will take care of the rest.

How Good Is SubmitEdgeSEO?

  • This is a valid concern but you have nothing to worry. We are a well-established SEO company that has been in business since 2006. We have served more than 20,000 customers across the globe. We have carved a special space for ourselves in the SEO industry. You could therefore confidently refer your friends, acquaintances as well as your customers.
  • SubmitEdgeSEO offers the most comprehensive range of SEO services ranging from article submission services to social media marketing and video marketing solutions. Your referrals will therefore be able to find all types of SEO services under one roof.
  • We have flexible SEO and link building plans to suit the diverse requirements of the customers. We bring to you exceptional SEO services to you at the most impressive prices.
  • Our referral incentives are not only impressive but you will also get paid in a timely fashion. Most importantly, we do not place any cap on the maximum money that you could potentially earn referring customers to our company. You are free to make as much as you can.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead, start referring people to SubmitEdgeSEO and start earning rich incentives.

Program Details

  • Commission Type: Pay-Per-Sale. 10% for each sale you deliver.
  • Payout Requirements: $10.00 USD - Minimum balance required for payout.
  • Payout Duration: Payment would be done once the order of your referral customer is completed. The maximum duration of the accounting procedure is 10 days after completing the order. It will be transferred to your PayPal Account.

  • What to do after the Business / friend purchased your service through my recommendation?
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  • Do I get referral commission if the customer cancels or asks for refund?
  • Do my Referral get to know that I have referred him through SubmitEdge referral program?
  • When I will receive my referral commission?
  • Is there any limit on earning the commission?
  • Other conditions where you are not applicable for referral commission?