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Infographic creation is becoming an increasingly popular approach to building good quality backlinks. Infographic promotion is one of the top three strategies today for building Google friendly backlinks for your website. SubmitEdgeSEO specializes in offering top-class infographic design and promotion service. You will be able to take your brand to a completely new level of competition with our infographic promotion service

What is Infographics?

The term infographic refers to the creation of highly engaging pictorial representation of the given information at hand. As opposed to presenting set of statistics in just textual format, presenting the information in pictorial format helps in increasing the level of user engagement. Information conveyed through infographics is well received and retained in the memory for long by the target audience.

Infographic Creation & Promotion Plan

Plan - 1

15 Days


Compare Plan
  • Concept Revision - 1
  • Design Revision - 1
  • Branding on Infographics- Yes
  • No. of Infographics- 1
  • Infographics Directory submission- 10
  • Twitter Promotion-5

Plan - 2

25 Days


  • Concept Revision - 2
  • Design Revision - 2
  • Branding on Infographics- Yes
  • No. of Infographics- 1
  • Infographics Directory submission- 20
  • Twitter Promotion-10
  • Pinterest Promotion
  • Press release creation & Submission - 1
  • Tumblr & Slideshare Submission

Plan - 3

40 Days


  • Concept Revision - 3
  • Design Revision - 3
  • Branding on Infographics- Yes
  • No. of Infographics- 1
  • Infographics Directory submission- 30
  • Twitter Promotion-15
  • Pinterest Promotion
  • Press release creation & Submission - 3
  • Pinterest Promotion
  • Tumblr & Slideshare Submission
Features Plan - 1 Plan - 2 Plan - 3
Customized Concept Provided by Client Provided by Client Done by Our Designing Team
Editorial Content Provided by Client Provided by Client Done by Our Designing Team
Use of Cliparts No No No
Concept Revision 1 2 3
Design Revision 1 2 3
Source Files Delivered to Client Delivered to Client Delivered to Client
Exclusive Copyrights Owned by Client Owned by Client Owned by Client
Branding on Infographics Yes Yes Yes
No. of Infographics 1 1 1
Infographics Promotion Service
Infographics Directory submission 10 20 30
Facebook Release of Infographics seo company seo company seo company
Twitter Promotion 5 10 15
Pinterest Promotion close seo company seo company
Press release creation & Submission close 1 3
Pinterest Promotion close close seo company
Tumblr & Slideshare Submission close seo company seo company
Duration 15 Days 25 Days 40 Days
Price $349 $599 $999

Why Is Infographics Important In Today's World?

The internet community is continuously being bombarded with loads of information. Thousands of brands constantly target their customers with their unending series of marketing messages delivered in various formats. Consumers are weary of these marketing efforts and as a result, they have developed resistance to all these marketing strategies. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to identify newest strategies and techniques to reach your customers through interesting methods that will elicit least consumer resistance. Infographic being the latest breed of advertising strategy, the internet community is receptive to infographics. You will therefore be able to reach your target audience effectively through the use of infographics.

Moreover, today infographics promotion proves to be one of the most powerful way of reaching out your target audience because, infographics are easily shareable in the social media platforms. You will be able to easily incorporate your infographics promotion in your social media marketing efforts.

How Do We Process Your Infographics Order?

SubmitEdgeSEO is a leading infographic creation design promotion service provider. We have already helped numerous websites through our infographic link building service. When you choose our infographic creation service, we assure you exceptional services. Every order for infographic promotion service receives individual attention. We will process your order on infographic design & promotion in a very professional way. We will design your infographic and also promote it in the leading networks.

Our experts will come up with impressive data visualization strategies that best suit your requirements. We will help your brand get the visibility that it deserves through the use of proven infographic promotion techniques.

We will deliver the information that you would like to convey in an easy to understand format so that it is received well and acted upon immediately by your target audience. The information that you would like to communicate will be presented in an emphatic visual format.

We will promote your infographic in leading social media networks to achieve the highest level of visibility.

How Exactly Does Infographics Creation And Promotion Help Your Brand?

As a webmaster, you are likely to have tried various marketing strategies to promote your website and to build back links for your website. You will need to make use of highly effective strategies to get the best returns out of your investments. As far as our infographic design and promotion service is concerned, you are sure to get excellent mileage out of every dollar that you spend on infographic link building.

  • Our infographic creation service is one of the most search engine friendly ways of acquiring excellent back links for your website.
  • Your search engine ranking in Google and the other search engines will improve with our infographic promotion service.
  • Our designers will produce outstanding designs for your infographics.
  • It will help in brand penetration among the target audience.
  • It will enhance your customers' understanding of your products and services.
  • Amidst numerous marketing messages, infographic promotion will save your brand from being lost in the crowd and help you enhance your brand visibility in a very decisive way.
  • Your brand's visibility in the social media sites will be improved greatly.
  • It will help in strengthening the social media signals and thereby improve your brand's ranking in the search results.
  • Increases overall conversion rates and increases the overall revenue.
  • Helps your brand stay on top of the online competition.