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  • Formulating a Content Marketing Strategy

    It would not be wrong to make a statement that SEO or SMO is all about Content Marketing. Content is the most vital ingredient for any optimization process. Content can make or break your brand. Since content cannot be taken lightly, having a strategy in place for content marketing will work in your favor. Those who wish to take their content marketing to the next level, read ahead…
    Content Marketing Strategy 1
    Why do you need Content Marketing Strategy?

    Team work is essential to build a brand. Each one working on an individual objective could prove disastrous. Having a content strategy will ensure that each of the team members is on the same page and working towards the same goal.

    It will help you chalk out objectives in keeping with the strategy and all can contribute to achieving those objectives.

    You need to take care that all your communication is in consistency with your brand values. Having a strategy in place will ensure this.

    A strategy also helps you to have realistic goals. Unachievable goals can lead to disappointment eventually. A strategy will help you to plan towards your goal and they suddenly start looking achievable.

    Marketing without a strategy is like shooting an arrow in the dark. It may or may not hit the target.

    How to form a Strategy?

    First step is to have an efficient person to oversee all the content. Someone needs to manage all the content to ensure that there is no chance of misrepresentation of your business in any way. Having a single person responsible helps you to keep a tab on the quality of the content too.

    The most effective content marketing is totally dependent on focus. Formulate your strategy with a target audience in mind. It is impossible to target all at once; so focus on a particular segment. This way your content will also be focused and will appeal to your niche target.

    After your target has been defined, you need to understand the pulse of their need. Once you get your hands on the pattern of their purchase, your task becomes easy. You will be able to easily convert their interest into purchase.

    Your target will have a preferred medium, whether it is social media or otherwise. Identify the right media and channelize your content to reach out to them effectively and quickly. Finding the right way to contact them is as important as drafting the content that will appeal to them.

    Never leave your audience with questions. Have enough content to answer all their queries such that they are not left in doubt about any aspect of your product or service.

    Do not be rigid in your strategy. Let it keep evolving and changing to suit the changing scenario.

    Your ultimate goal, without doubt is sales conversion. So your strategy should be in formulating content which will propel your target audience into action and result in sales for you.

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