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  • What Does Search Engine Friendly Website Mean?

    In all the SEO support forums, SEO blogs we see that the website should be search engine friendly to get good rankings in the search engines. What do they really mean by search engine friendly website?

    When you design your website it is not sufficient that your website looks attractive it should also serve the sole purpose for which you have launched your website, which I presume is to increase visibility so that you can reach out to more people through your website. In order to reach out to more people, your website should feature in the search results when people search for your service. One of the factors that you need to remember when you want to make your website into a search engine friendly website is keep your website’s content unique and fresh. Add fresh content as often as possible. Let the content target specific keywords.

    Instead of using too much of graphic representations in your website use text forms for menus instead of images because search engines cannot read images. Avoid using drop down menus. Make your site as light as possible by reducing the usage of heavy flash elements and heavy graphics. If you review the business websites of top rated companies that have good ranking, you will be able to see that the websites of these companies will rather be very simple. Search engines love fast loading websites so try to optimize your website for fast loading by shedding away high resolution images.

    Let the URLs have meaningful names and keywords rather than naming all the pages as index 1, index 2, index 3 etc. URLs that have keywords that are specific to a particular page are more effective. Keep all the pages close to the home page or root directory rather than having them in different directories. While registering your domain, select your domain name is such a way that it has one of your keywords.

    Name all the images using keywords that are specific to each page rather than naming as img1, img2 etc. Use alt tags and tool tip text for your website. Make sure that there are no broken links in your website. Provide right titles for your web pages. Right combination of keywords and page titles will often bring the desired results. Make sure to provide footer links to all the pages of your website this will help the search engine spiders to crawl deep into the pages. When you include head data don’t stuff too many keywords use few focused keywords for better results. Provide good number of anchor text within your website. A clear navigation helps both visitors and search engines to crawl your website fully. Avoid all possible black hat tricks. Never use content scrapped from other websites. Have your website hosted with a reliable hosting service provider because if your site is down when the indexing takes place your site will not get indexed and you may have to wait until the search engine spider visits your website.

    By following all the above tips you can make your website search engine friendly.


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