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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the process of tactically placing highly engaging your business related content in various platforms and promoting it strategically using approved search engine friendly process so as to get and retain customers attention for long enough so that they make a favorable buying decision towards the brand under question. Content marketing has gained special significance after Google Panda / Penguin updates whereby good quality content is rewarded with good search engine ranking.

If you want to impress your customers online, then one of the best ways to go about it is to use well planned content marketing. Before your customers make their decision to purchase, they go through plenty of information online; they are bombarded with data from various angles and at various levels. Customers mentally process all the information, weigh the benefits of choosing a company and finally make their decision. If you want your targeted audience to make a purchase decision that is in your favor, then they should have access to compelling information about your business. A company that has skimpy product information online often do not succeed. At the same time, a brand that has plenty of substandard content regarding the brand too do not succeed. It is only companies that have a large amount of good quality content supporting their business online enjoy consistent success.

SubmitEdgeSEO makes use of highly effective strategies to position your content online and to drive excellent online visibility of your website.

Content Marketing

CM - 1

30 days


  • No. Of Keywords - 3
  • Content Writing - Yes
  • - 2 Content
  • - 2 Content
  • - 2 Content
  • - 2 Content
  • - 2 Content
  • Social Bookmarking - 100 SBM

CM - 2

45 days


  • No. Of Keywords - 6
  • Content Writing - Yes
  • - 4 Content
  • - 4 Content
  • - 4 Content
  • - 4 Content
  • - 4 Content
  • - 4 Content
  • Social Bookmarking - 200 SBM

CM - 3

60 days


  • No. Of Keywords - 8
  • Content Writing - Yes
  • - 8 Content
  • - 8 Content
  • - 8 Content
  • - 8 Content
  • - 8 Content
  • Social Bookmarking - 300 SBM
Package Name CM - 1 CM - 2 CM - 3
No. Of Keywords 3 6 8
Content Writing seo company seo company seo company
Content Publishing Platforms 2 Content 4 Content 8 Content 2 Content 4 Content 8 Content 2 Content 4 Content 8 Content 2 Content 4 Content 8 Content 2 Content 4 Content 8 Content
Promotion Platforms
[Note: Published content will be shared on all promotion platforms]
Facebook.Com Page & Group Sharing seo company seo company seo company
Twitter.Com seo company seo company seo company
Linkedin.Com Page & Group Sharing seo company seo company seo company
Google Plus Page & Group Sharing seo company seo company seo company
Stumbleupon.Com seo company seo company seo company seo company seo company seo company seo company seo company seo company seo company seo company seo company seo company seo company seo company seo company seo company seo company
[Note: 10 Bookmark of each Landing Page.]
Social Bookmarking 100 SBM 200 SBM 300 SBM
Plan Duration 30 days 45 days 60 days
Price $449 $799 $1299

How Content Marketing Works?

  • Content marketing involves two major aspects, namely content creation and content promotion.
  • Good quality content attracts both search engines as well as human visitors.
  • Carefully created content is strategically promoted in various high traffic content sharing platforms.
  • When search engines see good quality content that is relevant to your brand, it associates your brand with the products in your niche and subsequently gives better visibility to your content as well as to your website in the search results for the relevant keyword searches.
  • Moreover, content marketing is a very Google friendly approach. Therefore, all well-executed content-based online marketing strategies win great favors from Google.

Top Features Of Content Marketing

  • Google Panda compliant content marketing strategy.
  • 100% manual approach to content marketing.
  • Excellent quality content created with the help of in-house content writing experts.
  • Reasonably priced solution.
  • Impressive customer with free detailed reporting.

How content marketing benefits you?

  • Your brands overall online visibility is enhanced.
  • Helps you win the trust and the confidence of your customers.
  • You will be able to improve your brand loyalty and retain your existing customers despite the severe competition that prevails in your industry.
  • Content marketing does the talking on behalf of your brand. It helps in impressing your customers and boosts your sale.
  • Helps you drive highly targeted traffic to your website by targeting top keywords. Content marketing increases Keyword Ranking in the popular search engines, i.e. Google, Yahoo & Bing and thereby increases your conversion rates.

Our Process

  • Content marketing strategy development:
    We first develop a content marketing strategy that is suitable for your business. Here we also identify the platforms in which your content will be promoted for effective conversions.
  • Creation Of Quality Content:
    Once the right strategy is identified, our expert writers will create outstanding content that is relevant to your niche.
  • Search Engine Friendly Content Promotion:
    It is not enough to create excellent content; you will be able to enjoy the complete benefits only based on how well the content is promoted. We will give your content with excellent exposure so that your target audience will have easy access.
  • Google Friendly Search Marketing:
    We will also engage sound principles of SEO to market your content and win Google’s favor.
  • Social Media Flavor
    We will give special attention to social media marketing. Today no marketing efforts can be considered complete without social media flavor. Our content marketing strategy will also create powerful social media presence for your website.
  • On Going Content Management:
    Your content is good only as long as you are regularly managing it. Regardless of whether it is blog content or social media content, the freshness should be retained. Our content marketing strategy will also take care of this aspect.
  • Performance Review:
    Our experienced and qualified Google Analytics experts will review the performance of the content marketing strategies implemented for your website and give you insights by assessing the overall performance and results.


  • Will your company create all the content required for the content marketing strategy or do I need to provide the content?

    Yes, our company will create all the required content. We have experienced SEO writers to take care of all the content needs.

  • What are the strategies you use in your content marketing strategy?

    We make use of only legitimate content marketing strategies. We take a multi-pronged approach and employ multiple strategies to position your content online. Please review the content marketing plans for the strategies employed with each plan.

  • Do you incorporate social media in your content marketing strategies?

    Yes, our content marketing strategy incorporates social media. Your brand's visibility in top social media sites will be boosted.

  • Is your content marketing strategy compliant with Google Panda update?

    Yes, our content marketing is updated to meet the requirements of Google Panda update. Moreover, we will update our content marketing after every Google update. You have nothing to worry.

  • How long does the whole content marketing process take?

    The timeline will depend on the plan you choose. Please check the plan details for the timeline.

  • Do you provide ongoing content management support?

    Yes, we do provide ongoing content management support that is in line with the package that you choose.

  • Do i need to provide my Tumblr, slideshare, livejournal etc websites login details for promotion?

    No, You do not need to provide any login details to us. We will use our active user accounts for your website promotion.

  • Do i need to provide my Facebook, twitter, linkedin etc profile login details for promotion.

    No, We have already created active user ids that will be used for your website promotion.