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Links from Unique IPs + High Domain Authority Website = Increase in Search Engine Ranking

What Is C-Block Link Building?

Have you been wondering why your link building efforts have not been producing the expected results? Inexperienced SEO and link building companies often in an effort to boost your website's ranking try to set up a new network of websites and link your website from the network websites without realizing that those links are not going to do any good to your website except to drain your advertising budget. Top search engines like Google do not value all back links equally. Google pays attention to the IP address of the links while assessing them. Each website has its own unique IP address and it is important that each link comes from websites with unique IP addresses. This is where SubmitEdgeSEO's C-block link building gains special significance. C-block link building, which is also commonly referred as unique Class-C IP link building is the process of getting links from websites with different or unique IP addresses and websites with good domain authority. If you secure links from websites that share the same IP, then search engines like Google will not value such links as important while ranking your website because same IP indicates same website ownership. SubmitEdgeSEO will help you get backlinks from websites with high domain authority and unique C-block IPs to improve your website's search engine visibility in Google and the other top search engines.

C-Block Link Building Package

Plan - 1

20 Days


  • No. of Web Properties - 5
  • No. Of Keywords - 5
  • Backlinks from Unique C-Blocks / Class IP's
  • Domain Authority - Between 40 to 80
  • Unique Content - 5 x 1000 words
  • Content Writing
  • No. of Backlinks - 5
  • Organic Link Building Method
  • Social Sharing - 50

Plan - 2

30 Days


  • No. of Web Properties - 10
  • No. Of Keywords - 10
  • Backlinks from Unique C-Blocks / Class IP's
  • Domain Authority - Between 40 to 80
  • Unique Content - 10 x 1000 words
  • Content Writing
  • No. of Backlinks - 10
  • Organic Link Building Method
  • Social Sharing - 100
Package Name Plan - 1 Plan - 2
No. of Web Properties 5 10
No. Of Keywords 5 10
Backlinks from Unique C-Blocks / Class IP's seo company seo company
Domain Authority Between 40 to 80 Between 40 to 80
Unique Content 5 x 1000 words 10 x 1000 words
Content Writing seo company seo company
No. of Backlinks 5 10
Organic Link Building Method seo company seo company
Social Sharing 50 100
Duration 20 Days 30 Days
Price $449 $898

What Search Marketers Feel About C-block Link Building - Fact About C-blocks Link Building

In a survey conducted by Moz.com with 120 search engine experts, it has been identified that the top 15 factors out of 109 ranking factors were all related to backlinks. The survey also showed that most search marketing experts agree that links from unique domains or unique C-blocks IPs or unique Class-C IPs give a great boost to search engine ranking.

All the top brands make use of C-blocks link building to gain top search engine visibility. You too can now take advantage of C-blocks link building, SubmitEdgeSEO is here to help you improve your website's ranking through its highly dependable solutions.

Benefits Of SubmitEdgeSEO C-blocks Link Building

  • Improves your website's search engine ranking in the most search engine friendly way.
  • Attracts new leads and more traffic to your website.
  • Helps in attracting highly targeted visitors through the use content marketing efforts.
  • Secures links from authority sites.
  • Completely manual approach to building Google friendly back links.
  • Google Panda and Google Penguin compatible approach to building back links.
  • What types of websites will benefit from C-blocks link building?
  • Is this a Google friendly approach to link building?

    Yes, this is a 100% Google friendly link building approach. We regularly update our C-blocks link building strategies to match the latest Google algorithm. Your website is therefore absolutely safe with our link building.

  • Is your C-blocks link building a holistic approach to link building?
  • Do you get links from websites with good domain authority?
  • Do I need to provide you with the content required for my C-blocks link building plan?
  • Is this an organic traffic generation strategy?