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Getting top ranking in Google and being successful online is no child's play. You will need to make consistent efforts and there is no short cut whatsoever. At SubmitEdgeSEO, we have made a thorough analysis of the ranking algorithms of all the top search engines including Google. If you want to identify the most important factor that can bring success to your website then you can take it from us, it is Link Building.

However, link building is certainly not a one-time endeavor. If you want to deal with your online competition effectively and if you want to outsmart your competitors then you will need to make steady and highly focused link building efforts.

SubmitEdgeSEO, the most trusted SEO Company on the web brings to you Monthly SEO Service, an outstanding solution that will help you meet all your ongoing link building requirements in the most effective manner.

Monthly SEO Service Plan

MSS Plan-1

30 Days


Compare Plan
  • No. Of Keywords - 5
  • High DA Manual Directory submission -25DS
  • Quality Manual Social Bookmarking -25SBM

MSS Plan-2

30 Days


  • No. Of Keywords - 5
  • High DA Manual Directory submission -50DS
  • Quality Manual Social Bookmarking -50SBM

MSS Plan-3

30 Days


  • No. Of Keywords - 5
  • High DA Manual Directory submission -75DS
  • Quality Manual Social Bookmarking -75SBM
Services MSS Plan-1 MSS Plan-2 MSS Plan-3
No. Of Keywords 5 10 15
High DA Manual Directory submission 25 DS 50 DS 75 DS
Quality Manual Social Bookmarking 25 SBM 50 SBM 75 SBM
General High DA Blog posting 2 BP - 500 words each 3 BP - 500 words each 5 BP - 500 words each
High quality Web 2.0 properties creation 2 Web 2.0 - 500 words each 3 Web 2.0 - 500 words each 5 Web 2.0 - 500 words each
High Quality Article Listing 1 AL - 500 words each 3 AL - 500 words each 5 AL - 500 words each
Niche Blog posting 1 NBP - 500 words each 3 NBP - 500 words each 5 NBP - 500 words each
Classified Submission 10 Classified Submission 15 Classified Submission
Press Release Writing & Submission 2 PR writing & Submission - 750 words
SlideShare Document creation, submission & Promotion 1 Doc - 1000 Words
Total content creation in the monthly plan 3240 Words unique content creation 6540 Words unique content creation 11250 Words unique content creation
Content Writing (We will create the content and send it to you for approval.)
Plan Duration 30 days 30 days 30 days
One Time Payment
Price $149 $299 $499

What is Monthly SEO Service?

As your most preferred Link Building Company, we have devised a special package to help our customers deal with their link building requirements in an impressive way. Our Monthly SEO Service is designed to secure good quality one way links for your website month after month. We have come up with these special Monthly SEO Service precisely because you need to make ongoing link building efforts,

a. To get top ranking in Google and

b. To retain the top ranking that you have already achieved.

Our Monthly SEO Service as the name suggests runs on monthly basis. Every package you choose will run for one full month and we will obtain permanent good quality back links for your website in the most search engine friendly way.

Why Choose Our Monthly SEO Service Packages?

The Most Experienced Link Building Company

As an experienced Link Building Company, we bring to you outstanding link building solutions. We have helped over 20,000 websites improve their ranking through our varied link building solutions and SEO strategies. You can take advantage of our vast experience to boost your website's ranking.

Safe Link Building Strategies

Our SEO company makes use of only 100% ethical strategies. In particular, all the strategies that we use in our Monthly SEO Service Packages are totally Google Penguin and Panda compatible. You will therefore not have to entertain any worries or fears regarding the safety of the link building strategies that we use.

Multiple Link Building Strategies To Guarantee Healthy Link Building

SubmitEdgeSEO makes use of multiple strategies to acquire your links. All the packages here have been designed to obtain natural links for your website. We use only fully tested and proven strategies in our Monthly SEO Service Packages and they include the following.

  • High DA Manual Directory Submission
  • Quality Manual Social Bookmarking
  • General High DA Blog Posting
  • High Quality Web 2.0 Properties Creation
  • High Quality Article Listing
  • Niche Blog Posting
  • Classified Submission
  • Press Release Writing & Submission
  • Document Creation, Submission & Promotion

As you can see, your website will be receiving links from various quarters, which is a healthy link building process.

You cannot find such an elaborate, well thought out monthly link building packages elsewhere. Your website certainly deserves to enjoy better online visibility and that is what our Monthly SEO Service Packages will deliver you.

No Need For In-house Link Building Manager

You will not need any in-house search engine marketing staff or a manager to manage your link building needs because our Monthly SEO Service Packages will take care of your link building needs month after month effectively in the most hassle free way. We have number of flexible packages for you here. You will be able to manage your marketing budget better because you will know exactly how much your monthly link building efforts are going to cost you every month.

Top Features Of Monthly SEO Service

  • Highly dependable link building solution that every website needs today.
  • The fastest way to improve your website's online visibility.
  • Works equally well with all types of websites.
  • Can be used even for your deep linking needs.
  • All the links will be from reputed sources with 'do-follow' attribute.
  • Use of multiple link building strategies to secure good quality links.
  • Hassle free, which runs on monthly basis.
  • No need for long-term contracts, you can terminate any month
  • No huge upfront fees, flexible packages to suit your budget.
  • You can change your Monthly SEO Service Plan any month without any problem.
  • Totally Google Penguin and Panda compatible strategies.
  • Manual link building
  • Highly comprehensive strategies that take care of everything giving you complete peace of mind.
  • Detailed reports at the end of each month.
  • Dedicated account manager to take care of your order.
  • Dependable customer support.
  • Signing up is easy and quick.
  • The work on your package will commence as soon as you signup and no time is wasted.
  • Why is ongoing link building important for my website?

    A. In every niche, every month many new websites are launched. This will be the case in your niche too. This increases the online competition every month. To fight the pressure of this increasing competition, you need to take ongoing link building efforts. Only then, your website will remain in the map. If you fail to take ongoing link building efforts your website can eventually become invisible to your target customers due to poor search engine ranking.

  • Does your Link Building Company make use of Google Panda and Penguin compatible strategies?

    A. Yes! We make use of 100% Google Panda and Penguin compatible strategies. All the strategies have been tested and updated for their Google compatibility.

  • What strategy do you use to build links for my website?

    A. We make use of multiple link building strategies to acquire your back links. All the strategies we use are absolutely safe. Moreover, all the strategies we use will bring natural links to your website.

  • Can I signup just for one month or do I need to sign up for long term contracts?

    A. Yes, you can sign up just for a single month if that is what you need. No long term contracts are required. However, we recommend that you plan for at least six months as you need take into account your ongoing link building needs. When consistent efforts are made for longer durations, the overall effectiveness will increase dramatically.

  • How much is it going to cost me?

    A. We have priced all our Monthly SEO Service Packages very nominally. The cost will depend on the package you choose. We can also provide you link building prices with custom plans to suit your specific needs. Get in touch with us for a custom quote.

  • Do you automate the link building process?

    A. No. We do not automate the link building process. We use 100% manual link building process to secure the back links for your website. A dedicated submission team will do all the submissions manually.

  • Can I use your Monthly SEO Service Packages for building deep links?

    A. Yes of course. You can make use of our link building packages effectively for your deep linking needs as well.

  • Will you send any report on the links that you build for my website?

    A. Yes, all the plans include free reports. We will send you a detailed report that will include the landing pages of all the links obtained for your website.