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What is Niche SEO Campaign?

Niche SEO Campaign from SubmitEdgeSEO harnesses the power of niche relevant links in ranking your website. Niche Link Building is the process of acquiring backlinks for your website from sources that are relevant to your website and your niche industry. Our Niche SEO Campaign tries to set right the common link building mistakes that affect a website's link profile by building high quality niche relevant links.

Niche SEO Campaign packages


30 Days


  • No. Of Keywords - 5
  • Niche Blog Posting - 1
  • Niche Web 2.0 - 1
  • Niche Paid Web Directory - 1
  • Niche Article Listing - 1
  • Niche High DA Links - 1
  • No. Of Backlinks - 5
  • Content Writing
  • Social Sharing
  • One Time Payment
  • Available Category


30 Days


  • No. Of Keywords - 5
  • Niche Blog Posting - 2
  • Niche Web 2.0 - 2
  • Niche Paid Web Directory - 2
  • Niche Article Listing - 2
  • Niche High DA Links - 2
  • No. Of Backlinks - 10
  • Content Writing
  • Social Sharing
  • One Time Payment
  • Available Category


30 Days


  • No. Of Keywords - 5
  • Niche Blog Posting - 3
  • Niche Web 2.0 - 3
  • Niche Paid Web Directory - 3
  • Niche Article Listing - 3
  • Niche High DA Links - 3
  • No. Of Backlinks - 15
  • Content Writing
  • Social Sharing
  • One Time Payment
  • Available Category
Properties NSC-1 NSC-2 NSC-3
No. Of Keywords 5 5 5
Niche Blog Posting 1 2 3
Niche Web 2.0 1 2 3
Niche Paid Web Directory 1 2 3
Niche Article Listing 1 2 3
Niche High DA Links 1 2 3
No.Of Backlinks 5 10 15
Content Writing
Social Sharing
One Time Payment
Available Category
Plan Duration 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days
Price $399 $649 $899


If you have been blindly engaging in link building activities without taking into account how the backlinks that you build will help or affect your website then, you need to stop for a moment and try to understand whether your link building efforts are really helping or hindering your online success. Not all links are helpful in improving your website's ranking and its visibility. Some of the links that you build will have exceptional value to your website, others will have limited positive impact, some links will add no value at all to your website and some links can potentially have negative impact on your website. Our Niche SEO Campaigns will save you from such risks by securing backlinks that are really beneficial for your website.

Your online success depends greatly on the strength of your link building profile besides other factors. Google's algorithm still gives prime importance to back links while ranking websites. Google has however refined how it assesses backlinks greatly and only links that fit into Google's latest ranking framework will help your website. Having thousands of back links will not automatically secure your website with good ranking. On the other hand, having good quality links from sources that are relevant to your website will give adequate reason for Google to promote your website in the search results. We can help you build good quality back links from niche relevant sources with our Niche SEO Campaign.

Benefits Of Niche SEO Campaign

SubmitEdgeSEO is one of the most trusted link building companies on the web and we are known for our ability to produce consistent results through our search engine friendly link building solutions. Our quality niche building too has been designed to pull off outstanding results that will help you achieve your search engine ranking goals. Here are some of the top benefits of our Niche SEO Campaign.

  • Your website will enjoy good link popularity.
  • All the links will be obtained from carefully chosen niche relevant sources.
  • We will help you target all your top keywords and strengthen your online visibility for the chosen keywords.
  • Your website's Google ranking will receive a boost with the good quality niche relevant links that we secure for your website.
  • The results obtained will have lasting positive effect on your website.
  • Improved online visibility will help in improving your traffic rate.
  • Your website will be promoted in high traffic networks.
  • Only Google compliant strategies will be employed in securing good quality back links for your website.
  • Our Niche SEO Campaign will work equally well for all types of websites.
  • You can secure good quality links for your website at a very reasonable price.
  • We offer highly comprehensive Niche SEO Campaign. You just need to get in touch with us with your requirements, we will take care of everything from identifying the top sources to secure your links, creating niche relevant content, promoting the content in the right networks to sending you an elaborate report at the completion of the Niche Link Building.
  • All the links that we secure will be one way links.

Our Niche Link Building Process

We have a highly experienced team of niche link building experts. We employ only 100% ethical link building techniques to ensure that your website receives the highest quality backlinks that can potentially boost your ranking in the search engine results. Our niche link building process outlined below:

  • Order Review - Once we receive your order, an initial review of the order is made to understand your requirements fully. We also ensure at this stage that we have all the required information to commence the work on your order.
  • Keywords Review - Your keyword targeting requirements are reviewed closely. Followed by this, our experts also review your website, your business model and your niche industry to get a complete grasp of the terrain that we will be operating to secure good quality back links for your website.
  • Evaluation Of The Top Sources - Thirdly, we will identify the top sources from which we can obtain one way links for your website. All the sources will be relevant to your niche market.
  • Content Building And Creation Of Web 2.0 Properties - We will create Web 2.0 properties such as blog article, articles, etc., to build niche relevant content for your website in various sources and networks. Our content team will create unique content required for your order. All the content will be tested for plagiarism and redundancy before it is published online.
  • Creation Of Search Engine Friendly Niche Link Network - All the Web 2.0 properties will be linked back to your website. We make sure that the entire process is handled manually and no part of the process is automated to ensure the best results possible.
  • Promotion Of Content In The Social Media Sites To Enhance Visibility - The content that we build online with various Web 2.0 properties will be further promoted in the social media sites to obtain better online visibility.
  • Reporting - Once the entire process is completed, we will send you a detailed report along with the landing pages of the back links so that you can cross check the work that has been done.

  • Will your Niche SEO Campaign be helpful in improving my B2B / B2C website?

    A. Yes, our Niche SEO Campaign works equally well for all types of websites including B2B websites and B2C websites.

  • Will the Niche SEO Campaign work for my niche market?

    A. Yes, our Niche SEO Campaign will work for your website too regardless of your niche market.

  • Do you make use of Google compliant strategies?

    A. Yes, we will use only Google compliant strategies. We update our niche link building techniques regularly to ensure compliance with the latest Google's ranking algorithm.

  • What is the underlying link building strategy used by your company?

    A. SubmitEdgeSEO makes use of only Google approved techniques. Our strategies are mainly content based link building techniques. We will make use of all the leading link building properties in building niche relevant links for your website.

  • Will the links be natural links?

    A. Yes, all the links we build for your website will be natural links and hence Google friendly links.

  • Will I need to provide you with any content for the link building process?

    A. You are not required to provide any content for the Niche SEO Campaign. We have our own team of in-house writers who will take care of the content creation requirements for your order. The price we quote includes content creation too.

  • Will I get any reports at the end of the Niche Link Building?

    A. Yes, of course. We will send you detailed reports at the completion of the Niche Link Building.