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  • Interpreting Google Hummingbird Update

    Its time now all suspicions about Google Hummingbird update is subsiding. There would normally be an upheaval after Google’s algorithmic update. However, Google Hummingbird seems to have been one of the gentlest of updates. Though Google had pointed out that it is not just an update but a new algorithm, experts from top SEO quarters have been keeping their fingers crossed waiting to see what to expect of this update. You can now see various views are emerging slowly about the Hummingbird update. More than views, these are kind of interpretations about Google Hummingbird update.

    Hummingbird Update

    What are the views aired about Google Hummingbird update? One of the strongest views about this latest algorithmic change is that Google is gearing itself towards more mobile friendly search algorithm. Lately Google has been encouraging or coaxing webmasters to create mobile friendly websites so that businesses can tap into the potential of a huge segment of internet users.

    It looks now with the Google’s update that the search has taken upon itself what it has been preaching to the world. It has started looking within to see how it can make its results more mobile friendly. One might wonder why mobile search should be any different from the regular search. It takes a bit of deep diving to understand and to appreciate that there is a significant difference between the users that access the web through their desktops or laptops or and those who use the search using handheld devices and tabs on the go.

    People that are using the internet on the go are not casual browsers but these are more prospective searchers and statistics indicate that these are visitors that are either looking for a local service provider that is closest to them or people that have urgent needs, which cannot wait until they can get back to their desk. This simply means that these are customers that are in queue to get themselves billed. This also means that these visitors are going to be impatient and they would like to get things faster.

    This is where Google’s Hummingbird Update is becoming significant today. Google has made a significant progress on the road to mobile search with the Hummingbird update. It is to be expected that this is just one of those first steps and you should be prepared to a series of these updates along these lines. When you are making your SEO and SEM efforts, when you are building your websites, updating them or upgrading them, you need to ensure that it is futuristic in nature. See how you can fit in your schema with mobile searches. Now that you can more are less predict Google’s directions, you should be gearing yourself towards such changes.

    Do not limit yourself with or do not just be bogged down with your link building schemes. Link building is important even today but certainly there is more to the search game. If you want to be part of this game then better brace yourself up.

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