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  • The Impact of Google Hummingbird on SEO

    In the volley of algorithms that Google comes up with- the latest one to be introduced is the Google Hummingbird. Every change that Google brings about in its algorithms rattles the SEO industry. But it has always been in the best interest of the internet users, giving them the best and fastest solutions to their queries. And this time around too, it should cause worry to only those who engage in black-hat tactics.

    Google Hummingbird on SEO

    To get into the intricacies of this Hummingbird- it is all about speed and queries in question form, long phrased keywords and meanings of the word. The focus has shifted from keywords to actual search motive of the internet user. The entire query of the user is given importance and not just some words. In short, it is becoming more human-friendly. Where earlier you just put in a specific word and then sorted through the results for the relevant information closest to what you were looking for, now you can specify the exact query and the results will show up. For instance, now a query- where can I find the closest gas station? could lend more specific results; provided you have shared your location with Google.

    With the influx of mobile phones, voice queries had to be taken into consideration. Hummingbird algorithm by Google readies the search engine for these voice searches.

    Now let us try and understand what changes on the SEO front:

    If your ranking has not been affected lately, breathe easy, as that means you have come through unscathed, for the algorithm was in place about a month back.

    Content rules- how often have we heard this. However SEO never paid heed to this; but no longer. Content rich sites and good well written engaging text will figure in the search engine results. So no more keyword stuffed articles. Writers can breathe a sigh of relief as now they can give vent to their creative side. They will no longer be bound by the keyword obstacle. Thanks to Google Hummingbird!

    Create content keeping in mind the questions that can be posed with regards to your product or service. Expert and niche information should be doled out so that it sets you apart in the crowd.

    With this algorithm being enforced, editors need to buckle up; be more watchful. Error free text and structured, grammatically correct sentences will find approval; error-ridden text will be penalized. The work of the sub-editors will be put to test. No more nonsensical text to get through the search engine barriers. All language lovers out there, it can’t get better than this!

    To conclude, Google Hummingbird is not here to sweep out SEO as it is being feared. Consider it as merely an opportunity to boost your website content quality, making it more user-friendly. It will definitely boost your business if all aspects are in place and all norms are adhered to.

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