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  • Google Hummingbird Update

    Google in the last week announced about its new update named the ‘Hummingbird’ update. Moving from the Penguin and Panda updates, Google has come out with a new algorithm, which it has named as Google panda update. This update has started working since 26 September. Each time a new algorithmic update happens or each time a new algorithm is launched, webmasters and SEO experts get a gripe in their stomach because it the new update can mean so many things to their website.

    Google Hummingbird

    Google’s Hummingbird update has been named so because Google states that the new algorithm is fast and precise and that is why it is named as Hummingbird. Google says that it is important to give the users better quality results and the new algorithmic release is an effort towards this update.

    This might bring a number of questions in the minds of the webmasters and one of the important questions is whether this update still validates the pagerank factor, which used to set apart Google from the rest of the search engines. The pagerank factor is still a valid concept in the Google’s algorithm but it is never the be all and end all of SEO. Therefore, webmasters should not keep the pagerank factor as a benchmarking signal for their website’s online success. Real success in other words comes from the listings that your website gets for the right keywords.

    The latest update is not just an update but Google’s Hummingbird is really an algorithmic shift in Google’s history. Google sources point out that this is a major shift in Google’s algorithm and websites have to keep a close watch on how their search rankings are affected in the coming days as the humming bird continues to take hold of the entire web.

    Google’s Hummingbird update can require that the websites require a major overhaul of their content because Google’s Hummingbird update is focusing more on what it calls as ‘conversational search’. This is an indicator that Google is going to now look at the meaning of the words and not just the words. Google will use several indicators that tell the search engines how the words are used in the text rather than just the words. In view of this new algorithmic update Google’s Hummingbird update will soon make all the other ranking strategies look obsolete.

    Google’s Hummingbird update makes content even stronger and important. Make sure the content that you put in your website is good and that it gives your website excellent SEO value. Keep the content fresh and keep it original. One of the factors that is indicated in this new update is that the websites with keywords in their domains may not be getting their ranking just because the keywords are there in their keyword domain names will do them good only when the words fit in context and the overall picture of what is said in the web pages. Therefore it is time to take a deeper look at your website’s content if you want to keep up with Google’s race.


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