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  • Yet Another Reward From Google For Quality Content – In-depth Articles

    If you have been on the web for quite sometime and playing the ‘Google’ game very hard, then you would already know that Google is a highly content based search engine and that Google loves fresh content and good quality content. The search engine makes this fact very clear and there are no secrets about it. Google has recently made an announcement, which shows clearly its affinity towards good quality content. On 6 August 2013, Google announced that the search results would feature special type of results, namely In-depth Articles.
    Quality Content
    Google notes that it is not always its users look for quick piece of information. There are situations whereby the internet users look for detailed information on a particular topic or field. Google’s new step to include a special section for in-depth articles for the given search is to help users that are looking for detailed information to find the information they need fast.

    As per Google’s statistics, almost 10% of the users look for detailed information on various topics with learning as their goal in mind, which is different from searching for information on a local service provider or a retail store.

    If you are not in mood for some quick answers but need something more elaborate then what you need is these in-depth articles on any given topic. For example, users may be looking for detailed information on stem cell research, making money fast, growing popular in a given industry and so on. Such searches will now list relevant pages with in-depth information on the given topic. These in-depth articles or in-depth information will be listed under in-depth articles in the search results.

    This should come as good news to the SEO experts and content development companies because, here is yet another way to get websites to the top. All the companies are going to need plenty of pages with informational content. You can belong to any niche or industry, by having detailed information about your industry or your niche you will increase your chances of getting top listings under the special section on in-depth articles.

    Google says that it will assess the websites and the content using advanced algorithm, which will also take into account number of signals that will help the search engine identify good quality, in-depth content on a given topic.

    Google is recommending few important measures to be taken by the webmasters if you want your in-depth content page to be featured in the search results. If you want Google to find the in-depth articles pages fast, you will have to first use the “article” markup on your pages. Secondly, you should also include authorship markup to the article. Thirdly, Google wants you to give detailed information about your organization’s logo so that the content can be associated with your brand, which will in turn help you become an authority in the given field. Finally, you should make sure to create content that treats the subject matter really in depth as opposed to superficial content.

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