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  • How Google Algorithms Affect the Online Marketing

    Every time Google introduces new algorithms, many websites have to rework their online marketing strategies and revamp their website to make them compatible to the changes brought about by the algorithms. Many of these algorithms affected not just the site but also the online marketing itself. But it would benefit you to remember that Google updates its algorithms to stop websites from indulging in malpractices and so if you are following ethical means then there is no reason to panic.

    How Google Algorithms Affect the Online Marketing Here are some of the impacts that algorithmic changes had on online marketing:

    * Initially it was just the home page that was the gateway to your site and all visitors came into your site through the homepage and then could go on to the other pages. Then Google changed its algorithm necessitating individual page’s optimization. Online marketing strategies had to change to accommodate this and all pages of the website had to be optimized as the visitor could come in through any page and not just the homepage and as a result all pages had to represent the business to the potential customers. So each page assumed the role of the home page now.

    Google floated Vince algorithm to validate brands. It was targeted at differentiating the fraud sites from the authentic ones. As a result the bigger brands started showing up easily in the search results and the lesser known ones had to double up their marketing efforts to establish their brand identity. Marketers had to explore different modes of brand building like press releases, videos, and social media marketing. They had to work hard on gaining the trust of the people for the brand and cementing the name of the brand among the people.

    The Penguin and the Panda algorithms introduced by Google emphasized on the need for relevant and quality content. On the marketing front you had to ensure that all links to your website are relevant and from quality websites. The reader had to be served with informative and readable content. Keyword stuffed sites were wiped out and the sites with excellent content got higher rankings. Readers were no longer subjected to sub-quality content that were displayed in the name of ‘real’ content and could actually find well-researched and relevant information that met their requirement.

    Then entered Google Hummingbird which started interpreting what the person who is searching wants. The emphasis now was on conversational search with more and more people asking questions on their mobile devices. So all websites had to be optimized keeping this in mind as people are searching with longer sentences and this meant the website content had to be optimized for entire sentences and not just short keywords.

    Without pushing the panic button every time algorithms are introduced by Google, be patient and study the intent of the algorithm and then make changes to your site accordingly. At times, you may not even have to revise anything, so do not react in haste; as without reason you may end up messing things for your site, instead of helping it.

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