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  • Why Is It Important To Have Side-wide Back Links?

    The question on site-wide back links and deep linking comes up time and again among webmasters and SEOs. We cannot emphasize enough here the importance of deep links in helping websites get balanced ranking. If you want to get your website’s inner pages to be listed in Google and in the other search engines, it is vital to make not just the home page of your website look important in the eyes of Google but all the other pages should also be made to look important. How do you make the inner pages of your website to look important in the eyes of Google? It is by building good quality back links for your website. In other words, you should build site-wide back links for your website than just the homepage link building.

    However, there are certain concerns here. When you want to build deep links or if you want to build site-wide back links for your website, you should have a clear linking building plan. Do not get all the links for your websites from limited domains or limited sources. What we mean here is that, if you get links to fifty different pages of your website from the same domain then it is to water down your effects. This will also make your links look suspicious in the eyes of Google.

    Matt Cuts in one of his Webmaster Help videos suggests that the links should be relevant to the niche. Off topic links will kind of raise alarms and it can get your website trapped for link spam. In case you think that other websites are linking to you from irrelevant sources or from off topic sites or if you think that your SEO company has done a bad job and let you down in this regard then you still have your way out of the problem. In such cases you can make use of disavow links tool which we have discussed in one of the earlier posts.

    Ultimately, what we would like to drive home here is that site-wide back links are important but how you execute your link building strategy is a very important factor to be taken into account. Do not get links for your entire website from the same domain because Google may count all those links, as one if not mark your website for using unethical link building.

    One of the common problems here is that not all webmasters are not SEO savvy as a result they end up using dubious SEO and link building services that let them down badly. Working with reputed SEO service provider and trustworthy link building company is very vital here when you want to build deep links or site-wide deep links so that your website is very safe. You do not have to be an SEO expert or link building expert but still it is your responsibility to make the right choices when you are selecting your service providers.

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