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  • Google Encourages Webmasters To Use Google Places

    Google in one of the official resources namely ‘Webmaster Academy’ encourages webmasters to benefit from Google Places. If you are targeting local customers or customers from any specific geographic location, then using Google Places will certainly help your business. You will be able to get free listings in Google Places and this in turn will help you increase the visitors or footfalls to your business. Google says that one in every five searches performed in Google has some kind of local intent. In other words one fifth of the searches are pertaining to some information regarding local service or local business. These one fifth of the searches use names of the cities or a place name in their search. If you are targeting any specific area or geographic zone then get your business listed for that city in Google places. Even if you are targeting global market, you are very likely to have your own base in some city and you can list your business in that city so that you will increase your visibility level for that city. Both ways, it works out to be beneficial for your business and your website.

    Moreover, when people use specific city or place name in their searches they are likely to have immediate requirements. In other words, these are more prospective customers. Google encourages webmasters and businesses to take advantage of such customers. When you submit your business to Google Places your business will get listed in Google map as well as for local searches.

    Google says that creating your business listings does not cost the webmasters anything and that you will just need to spend few minutes of your time to get your listing. When you are listing your business in Google places, you will be able to provide information to the internet users such as your business location, opening hours, nature of your business and the modes of payments you accept, brands you sell and so on. This not only improves your visibility but this also increases credibility of your business and the internet users know that you are not just a fictitious name.

    You will be able to add videos and images of your business to the Google Places listings. As Google places come to you totally free of cost, you have nothing to lose. All that you need is a few minutes of your time. Make sure that your listings have proper links to your website. You should also provide the users with correct contact information such as your phone number so that they can contact you directly.

    Here are few important factors that you should be mindful of when you are creating your business listing in Google Places. All the information provided should be accurate. Provide as much information as possible about your business. Add images relating to the physical location of your business. Remember to choose the right categories when you are listing your business. You will start seeing soon positive results from your Google Places listing once you correctly set up your listing.

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