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  • Voice Search, The Next SEO Game Changer?

    As we continue to enjoy technological advancement in the search industry, many new features emerge and they evolve. One of the search features that is becoming increasingly popular is the voice search. Google Chrome, which has started overtaking all the other browsers has introduced voice search. What do we mean by voice search? When you want to make a search online, you will normally be typing the search query in the browser’s search field. Now with the voice search, you do not have to type your search query any longer but you can talk to your browser directly and your search queries will be processed and the browser will fetch the results.

    If you look at it at a superficial level, voice search is just another convenient feature that saves the users from typing the search queries. However, if you take a closer look at voice search it can be the next SEO game changer. Why do we say that voice search is the next SEO game changer? This is simply because people do not write the same way they speak and vice versa. If you have to speak out your search queries then you will be using a different set of words than the ones that you will be using when you type the same query. For example, if you are searching for the best SEO service provider in Houston, Texas, you will use something like “best SEO service provider Houston”. On the other hand, if you have to make the same query using voice search, you are likely to use the colloquial mode and probably be using something like, “where to find the best SEO company in Houston?” The first thing that you can notice here is that the search query is long with voice search when compared to typed queries. When you are creating your website content, you need to use a different style of writing now to accommodate your visitors that will be using voice search.

    Search engines too should learn how to interpret the search queries and how they will fetch the results based on those voice queries. Though chrome, which is a Google product has introduced voice search, Google itself has not tuned its algorithm to the latest search trend. People will be using those stop words too when they make voice searches.

    Stretching this concept little further, we can have talking browsers whereby the browsers deliver the information the user is looking for directly reducing the need for the users to click the results and get into the websites. A possible reduction in the traffic rate can be expected in such a scenario. However, this does not mean that your conversion rates will also reduce, but it is just that your customers get the information that they need in a different mode. The way we optimize the content will also now vary greatly to make the content more inclusive for people that will use voice search.

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