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  • Google Voice Search Is It An SEO Game Changer

    In one of the recent Pubcon Conferences in Las Vegas Matt Cutts shared how voice search could become a more natural way of searching for information online. In his keynote speech he was explaining how the voice search is changing the nature of the search queries that are being used by the internet community. Taking it one step further he went on to explain Google’s capability to understand the search queries ‘in context’ without the user having to use the search phrases again and again. In other words, the search queries are more likely to become highly conversational like which is very different from the nature of the search queries that we are using today.
    google voice

    The above growth or development in the search industry is to simply be understood as evolutional and we need to be better prepared for these changes. This change in a way allows you to create content that is more user friendly rather than having to force yourself to create search engine oriented content. The same way how mobile search has become a regular way of accessing information online, voice search will also become one of the regular search methods of the internet users.

    As a webmaster, it is important that you create content that incorporates this feature too right from now without waiting until the last moment to make a drastic changes in your website content. You should also remember that Google’s search algorithm is becoming increasingly intelligent; you have the freedom now to make the content more natural. In the conference, Matt Cutts gave the following example on how Google will understand your voice search queries in context without you having to repeat all the key phrases in every search. If a user is making a search in Google on weather, Google will easily recognize the subsequent queries to ‘what is the weather in Las Vegas?’ without the user necessarily having to say or type the keyword ‘weather’ or ‘Las Vegas’. The user may simply have to ask, ‘will it rain tomorrow?’ to get appropriate results for Las Vegas weather. The user may further go on to ask ‘how about this weekend?’ and the search will give weather forecast for Las Vegas for the weekend.

    You can at last stop drumming in the keywords repeatedly in your website content or articles. If Google can understand the queries in context then it will also be able to understand your web page’s content or the content of your articles in context and not go merely by word by word indexing like it used to do earlier. You will have to now rework on your web page titles, headings and sub headings within the content to make your content more natural. The next step because would be penalization of websites that go too heavy on keyword optimization. Google’s intent here is to provide the users with good quality content and it is therefore important to match your website with Google’s latest algorithm.

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