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  • Top Ten Content Tips to SEO Your Site:

    Content Tips to SEO

    There are a series of things you can do with your content to make your site more search engine friendly. Don’t ever sacrifice user friendliness, but do find ways to combine visitor helpfulness with search engine accessibility.

    1.Research your keywords and develop a niche market. Targeting your audience is half the battle.

    2.Write landing page copy that reminds visitors of their problem, offers a solution and presents a call to action. That is the other half of the battle.

    3.Provide helpful, to the point information that is on topic and that will generate interest in the rest of your site as well.

    4.Use keywords naturally in your text – if you can, pinpoint one primary (to be used in the title, the first and the last paragraph) and several secondary phrases (to be sprinkled in where appropriate and unobtrusive).

    5.Add content often. You can get indexed more often if you add content more often.

    6.Make sure your content is readable, and doesn’t contain too much flash. High concentrations of textual content help the spiders know what your site is about.

    7.Share your content, and become an expert. Be helpful to people, and your site will become viewed as helpful.

    8.Spread content across the web, through articles sites, blogs, Squidoo lenses, etc.

    9.Remember that content does no-one any good if no-one sees it. Publicize yourself and people will read your content.

    10.Content is King. Content is information. That is what the Internet is – the information superhighway. Never forget that your content is for people to search for and benefit from.

    Do a good job optimizing your content, and people will start regarding your site as a wealth of information!

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