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  • SEO TIPS: Working With Your Copywriter

    Do you know how to work with your copywriter to get the best results? Most people think that you hire an SEO copywriter, give them a topic and magic happens. A copywriter can certainly provide you with good copy under these circumstances. If you give them the right keywords, what your expectations are and all the information they need to give you what you really want – they can do amazing things for you. Think of it this way – if you tell a barber to cut your hair, they may do a great job, but it may not be what you actually want.

    What is your copywriter responsible for? SEO friendly article writing and web copy are just two of the jobs your copywriter will need to be able to handle. What people forget, however, is that there are at least half a dozen different writing styles which they will need to be proficient in to really make an impact for you. Your SEO copywriter should be capable of adapting their writing style to varied SEO copy-writing requirements.It is your responsibility to be sure they can in fact do that.

    Where do you need SEO content? The first place you need good SEO content is naturally your website. Website content is therefore  your first concern. Good website content should be professional and personable if you are selling a fun or casual product, or formal and informational. It should also be consistent which is why it is best to stick with one copywriter.

    If you deal in a serious commodity or are a information based website, you need a copywriter that has that kind of knowledge. If they do not, it is your responsibility to make sure they have what they need to learn what is necessary to provide the right information.  SEO keywording should be a priority, as well as easy readability . You need marketing language to be implemented in a balanced way since no one is a big fan of the hard sales pitch. The key is that the content has to motivate people to act on the information presented without feeling pressured.

    Blogs follow some slightly different rules. Your blogs can be more informal and designed to draw the reader in.  Their primary function is funneling traffic from your blog to your main site. Your copywriter can run a little wilder here, letting their own personality shine through and having fun at times – blogs are a great place for well directed humor. This is important to keep in mind because this gives you the ability to draw people in that may not otherwise be interacting with the content on your site.

    Forum posting is a different animal entirely. What you have to keep in mind about forum posting is that it requires an adept feel for the trend of the conversation, and the ability to subtly market without being looked on as a spammer by other forum participants. This means you need a copywriter that is also part chatterbox and part psychologist to understand how to read the participants in a forum and interact with them in a manner that they can get your content in front of them in a way they will act on it.

    The ability to write a convincing, realistic product review can help you – especially on a blog if you appear to take a fair-minded approach to other competitors in the industry. You can also influence people to shop your affiliates with well placed product reviews. These should be clean, analytical, and formatted for easy reading and comparison.


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