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  • SEO Friendly Article Writing And Submission

    Anyone can slap together a keyword stuffed article, do a quick article submission and call it SEO. Many webmasters are under the impression that they can get someone to write articles for them for $1 each, publish them on multiple article directories, and rake in the benefits of links and traffic.

    Well, you might be able to find a few article marketing sites that don’t care about quality, but their link juice is not likely to be very good, since Google looks at their quality in order to determine their own link power. Many directories have some sort of review process to weed out unintelligible junk, so they will reject badly written articles. Finally, readers will leave your article and not click through to your site of the article is garbage, and you will lose traffic that would have been highly targeted and convertible if you had just taken the time and effort to write a SEO friendly article that was informative to users as well.

    Keyword stuffing can cause the search engines to see the article as spam. Then they will ignore the article and could even count determines all of your articles are spam and ban your URL permanently. For this reason, SEO friendly article writing should concentrate on the following:

    Relevance. If your website is about motorcycles:

    Orange, red and black free motorcycle clip art picture for bikers and bike  lovers.

    … you do not want to link from articles about gardening. Your articles must be targeted to your desired customers. If you are promoting motorcycle accessories on your site, your articles should be on subjects that will interest motorcycle enthusiasts. This could include everything from how to locate hard to find motorcycle parts for a restoration to cool movies with motorcycle scenes to best motorcycle riding gear and what fashions or trends are hot this year. This increases the chances that those reading your articles will be checking out your website.
    Links. Don’t just fill your articles full of links to your home page. Each link should be carefully thought out and lead to the best possible page. Don’t just mass duplicate the same article all over the net, though – Google sees this as ‘article spam’ and will start ignoring your links. You should use the exact same article just a few times, then change it slightly as well as the internal links and use it a few more times. Also tweak your bio each time you write a new version.

    Keywords. If you don’t understand how to research appropriate keywords and write optimized article, you may need to find an article submission service to determine the relevancy of the different keywords you hope to target, suggest ‘long tail’ keywords (once that get slightly less search, but also have less competition) and can write properly optimized copy with the correct keyword density and the links placed appropriately. They will be familiar with the rules of each article submission site, and it will be easy to  for them to research your website and generate SEO friendly articles that will raise both your PageRank through links and your profitability through high conversion traffic.

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