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  • Select Your Website Plugins Carefully

    Wordpress-Plugins Today most of the websites use open source content management systems to build their websites. There are many advantages in using these content management systems and one of the biggest advantages is that you can find number of plugins for your open source website. These plugins can be installed with a single click and no technical skills are required to install and use these plugins. These open source plugins can enhance the functionalities of your website and make your website lot more engaging. However, when you are installing these plugins you should make sure to carefully review them.

    There is a general temptation among the website owners to plague their website with too many plugins thinking that it will look their website more powerful. While some plugins can prove to be highly helpful, there are plugins that cause problems to websites in which they are installed without bringing about any real benefits to the website.

    Before choosing your plugins you should first have a very clear understanding of your own website and the nature of your website. Get a clear picture on the types of visitors that come to your website. All these will help you decide whether you need a particular plugin or not; you will be able to decide better based on whether a particular plugin will be useful for your visitors. Do not blindly go on a spree to install plugins randomly to your websites.

    When you overload your website with too many plugins you are likely to slow down the loading time of your website. It is vital that your website loads fast to get good ranking in the search results. Google assesses the page speed and uses this factor in its ranking algorithm. Keeping to minimal number of plugins will help your website.

    Another important factor that you should keep in mind is that when you install a plugin in your website does it take the visitors away from your website. For example, there are travel booking widgets available as plugins today, when you install these widgets, they can possibly take your visitors away from your website. You should avoid such plugins because by installing such widgets or apps you are just helping someone else. Your website traffic will seep through to other websites through the widget or app that you have installed.

    The next factor is whether the plugin poses any security risks to your website or to your website’s visitors. It can happen that certain plugins can sneak in to steal the user data from the websites. It is therefore crucial that you carefully review your plugins before installing them. Try to read reviews online before you click that install button so that you can save yourself from unnecessary security risks.

    Every day many new plugins are designed and rolled out into the market. It is rather difficult to keep track of these plugins but you can certainly protect yourself from unsafe plugins by taking adequate time to review the plugins closely before installation.

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