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  • Choose Your Website Plugins With Caution

    0910dw-plugs Today many websites make use of free content management systems like WordPress and number of open source content management platforms. One of the advantages with these popular content management systems is the availability of number of plugins and tools that enhance the performance and effectiveness of the entire website. Many website owners prefer these plugins and tools because they are also free. There are many good and useful tools available today but it does not mean that you should install all the plugins that you come across just because it is free.

    There are also certain downsides to installing too many plugins to your website. One of the major concerns shared here is the loading speed of the website. If you install too many plugins to your website then it will affect the overall loading time of your website and it can have negative impact on your website’s page speed score, which is directly linked with your website’s ranking.

    Secondly, the plugins and the tools that you are installing in your WordPress website or your Joomla website should be safe plugins. They should not put your website users to risk and it should not steal your website users data. If there should be any such issues then it will affect your websites reputation.

    Before installing any plugin to your website just stop for a moment and review the tool closely to see how it will help or affect your website. Do not impulsively install too many plugins. The first question that you should ask when you are installing any plugin to your website is, ‘How will this plugin help my website?’ the plugin that you are installing should add value to your website and it should be in line with what your website is offering. For example if you have house mortgage website adding an app that will help the users to calculate their EMI will be a valuable addition to your website. On the other hand adding an app that will feature beauty tips will not add value to your website.

    You should also consider how your website’s loading speed is affected when you install new plugins Check whether the plugin is linking to any external resource online will put your website’s reputation in any way. If your website is linking to unnecessary and irrelevant websites then your website’s ranking and quality score will become questionable.

    We do not mean that you should not install any plugins to your website but the point that we are trying to drive home is when you are doing so, use your discretion so that your website’s ranking is not affected in any way. If you are not sure you can check with your SEO service provider on the page speed score of your website prior to installing your website and the page speed score of your website after the installation of the plugin. Similarly, other areas of concern too can be checked with the SEO professionals so that your website’s performance is not affected in any way.

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