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  • Keywords Outside of Your Main Content

    Keywords Outside of Content

    “Don’t forget to use your words”, Gramma always used to say when my brother and I were in the verge of a tussle. “Say the magic word,” I tell my daughter when she wants a cookie. And we all know what those ‘three little words’ are that can make or break a relationship!

    Keywords are your special words in the internet world. The can unlock doors to places you never thought you’d get to, and lead the world to your door. If they are so valuable, why do some webmasters miss out on the opportunity to use them as often as possible?

    I’m not talking about stuffing your content. That’s abusing your words and won’t help you at all. No, what we are after here is other ways and places to utilize your keywords for maximum productivity. After all, the more you use your words, the more powerful they can become.

    • Use your keywords in your content of course, but do it with an eye to user friendliness and basic optimization – don’t go overboard!!
    • Use your keywords when linking – your anchor text should target the specific keyword phrase you are trying to rank for on the page you are linking to.
    • Use your keywords in your tags – your meta tags, title tags, social book-marking and anywhere else you can. As with linking, you can target specific pages on your site for this type of attention.
    • Use your keywords to surround your graphics with pertinent information. Google may be crawling flash, but they still need signposts so they know where they are. This is the perfect opportunity to plug your phrases.
    • Use your keywords in blog and forum posts, for extra kick. This is a good place to try out combinations of long tail keywords to see if you can pull a hit or two off of a lucky search.
    • Use your top keyword phrase in your signature, if possible, and include it in your online correspondence as well. This will keep the focus of your site firmly visible.
    • Use your keywords in your advertising. You want to offer the consumers what they want, so you need to appear relevant. What could be more relevant than the keywords they just searched for staring out at them from your ad?
    • Make sure the snippets Google is using to describe you in the SERPs contain your keywords and are easily understandable. Don’t forget that when people read these, they are looking for relevance to their search or question.
    • Use your keywords anywhere and everywhere you can when you are asked to guest blog, write an article or post a reply on an open forum.

    Once you have gotten in the habit of optimizing your keywords automatically, your job will become easier as each new thing you do will provide maximum results and benefit to your site. Just remember to use your words, and great things can happen!

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