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  • How to make your Website Google Panda safe

    Google rolled out another of its algorithm update- Google Panda 4.0. People got talking about how Google Panda has affected the websites and who the winners and losers are this time around. Website owners are contemplating on how they can save their website from the wrath of the Panda update. Here we take a look at what changes you can make to your website to make it Google Panda safe.
    panda safe

    Website appearance- Your website needs to be appropriately designed, with lot of white space and no overstuffing with content. Do not load your site with advertisements and keyword stuffed content. Try to avoid those pop-ups ads that can irritate your visitors and drive them away. Flashy images should not find place on your site. Design the website in a very professional and clean way. View your website in an unprejudiced way and evaluate whether it looks good or is it too flashy, what needs to stay and what can go. It needs to be crisp and clear. If you feel the need, you could even employ the services of an expert to evaluate your website and their expertise will be able to tell you what is perfect or should be modified. An over-cramped site is not too easy on the eye; rather a well-designed website with enough white spaces and properly placed images is pleasing to the eye. It can cut down on your bounce rate as visitors may end up spending more time on your website.

    Website speed- A pleased visitor is a pleased Panda- though hypothetical, it stands true. A well designed site with informative content that loads quickly will definitely satisfy the visitor. People are impatient by nature and have no time to spare. No one likes a site that takes long to open up. Make your website as interactive as possible. Easy navigation will ensure that visitors stay longer on your site and don’t exit as they get lost. If you can manage to tell your visitors who you are and what you can provide in an instant then your website can find a place of pride in the search engine results. When using images and videos on your website, ensure that they are in the right format so that they open quickly and don’t impede its speed.

    Website Content – Include only high quality content on your site. Ensure that the content is error-free and of use to the visitors. Informative content should be your first priority. Be active on the social media. Make sure that new and fresh content is added to your site on a regular basis. Only that will keep visitors coming back to your site. A stagnant site will never draw visitors. Remember that content par excellence is one of the most important ways to keep Google Panda happy. Keep it simple and do not overstuff it with keywords; doing that may backfire. Go through your existing site content and make the necessary changes.

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