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  • Another Google Panda Update Rolls Out

    Google keeps making few changes to its algorithms periodically. Where earlier it used to be on a monthly basis, this time it’s been after nearly 4 months. Though in its official post on Google+ there has been no name given to this rollout, Search Engine Land has called it the Panda 4.1 as this update has just minor changes to 4.0.

    Another Google Panda Update Rolls Out

    In the post Google has stressed that it is targeting low-quality content. And it will be an opportunity for high-quality small and medium-sized sites to rank higher. Hasn’t Google always emphasized on quality content? So there are no surprises sprung with this update too. It has tweaked few minor changes to help it identify quality content more precisely, that’s all.


    This update is also an opportunity for some sites that were earlier affected by the Google Panda rollouts. This update will help them ascertain whether the changes they have been making are in the right direction.

    Some of the major losers after this update are:

    And along with that emerges the major winners of this Google Panda 4.1 update:

    To summarise this list, Google 4.1 is just like the earlier updates. It has hit sites with thin content. Those with relevant and unique content like news portals have yet again emerged winners. Games and lyrics sites are the major losers. Some sites like that was previously hit has emerged like phoenix. Other sites like, or have gained considerably and sites like and have maintained their popularity.

    If you have witnessed a sharp drop or increase in your website traffic then it has to do with the Google Panda 4.1 roll out. It is a slow roll out and the fluctuations in rankings are bound to be visible over this week too. Those affected can quickly start damage control process and those not affected much can heave a sigh of relief. But do not rest on your laurels; keep working on your site so that the next algorithm which may even be a major one, does not take you in its wake.

    You could go back to the old video of Matt Cutts on ‘What to do if your Site was hit by Panda’ as the content of the video holds true even after this update.


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