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  • How Complete Linkbuilding and Link Wheel Work Together, Part Two

    Submitedge builds links from all sorts of places. The directory and article submission in the packages you are looking at are low PR links mostly with a few high PR links sprinkled in. They are good for building a base of bulk links. However, it takes time for them to be “seen” or indexed by Google as we have to do the submission, the webmasters who own the directories have to approve them which can take several months, and Google has to reevaluate your site taking them into consideration (which can happen as infrequently as every 3 months.)

    The link wheel has higher PR sites, meaning the links from them are worth more points each. The platforms are also open use, meaning we can publish directly to them without a waiting period while a webmaster approves the links. The sites also get “crawled” by Google more often, so the links get indexed sooner so you are in line for them to count towards your site on the next Google update which means you are looking at wait of around 3 months instead of a wait of around 6 months to see results.

    Here’s a cost breakdown:  (This bulk discount work on everything on our site except the complete linkbuilding package. You can use it to save money on link wheel. For example, put $300 down on a bulk discount, and you’ll get $375 credit. Then go buy the LW-2, which is $389. You’ll be asked to pay just an additional $14, meaning you get the LW-2 for $314. Then you can buy your complete link building package (the gold package is worth $1,209, but it is discounted for you to $799.)

    By combining these two services, you get a huge bunch of links and offsite relevant content that will start taking effect in 2-3 months and will continue to deliver results for 6-9 months! You are getting also $1,598 worth of services for just $1,013 by using the bulk discount for the LW-2 and getting the package discount for the gold level complete linkbuilding – a savings of $585.

    Obviously this is a great deal for those with a mid level competitive website who need to get their site up through the rankings. The social bookmarking links in the gold package generally get indexed first, followed  by the link wheel links, with the directory submissions and article marketing links coming in later and bolstering your website’s profile.This makes linkbuilding with Submitedge a win-win!


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