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  • Is Article Marketing Still Effective With Google?

    Today we use number of link building strategies and search engine marketing strategies unlike before. Until few years ago, we were having very limited link building strategies and techniques. Today that is not the case, you have ample opportunities to create back links in the most search engine friendly way. The question however is in this scenario should we still hold on to some of the old link building strategies such as article marketing, getting links from footers, WordPress themes or other themes for their content management system, etc.

    What does Matt Cutts have to say about this? In a Google Webmaster Help posted just about a month ago, explains the effectiveness and Google’s current thinking on article marketing and other link building techniques mentioned above.

    Here is the summary of the important factors discussed by Matt Cutts:
    The quality of the article plays a very important role. You cannot create relatively low quality article and expect to get great results from it. Google looks for good quality content and when it finds such content, it knows. So pay attention to the quality of the articles that you are using in your article marketing efforts.

    The next important factor that you should take into consideration is the length of the articles. It is not enough to write just 200 or 250 words articles; if you want to get good results from your article marketing efforts you should have a minimum of 500 words. Though Matt Cutts does not give any specific figure on the number of words required for an ideal article, we can learn from the industry’s best practices that you should create articles not less than 500 words.

    The next factor mentioned by Matt Cutts is the high keyword density. Here you should get help from experienced writers that create content for websites and that write for the web. In other words, you should get help from writers with good SEO background so that they will understand concepts like keyword density, search engine friendliness, etc.

    Number of links at the bottom of the article also matter. If you have a relatively smaller article with two or three links at the bottom then it is not going to go well for you as far as article marketing is concerned. The articles that you are posting should attract links naturally because of the quality of the articles.

    So the bottom line is that article marketing is still an effective strategy to build links and to improve your ranking in Google provided you know what you are doing. More than just the strategy, the standard of your article marketing efforts that count. Google can smell low quality content and low quality links miles away. So if you want your article marketing efforts to work try to get professional help from an experienced article marketing company and have the strategy executed in a very professional way. Now that we have it from the horse’s mouth directly, you can confidently make use of article marketing to promote your website.

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