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  • Handling a Drop in Google Ranking

    One of the most distressing things for a webmaster that is trying to boost one’s ranking in Google is the sudden drop in the ranking. It can happen from time and again that websites lose their ranking or experience a drop in the search engine ranking. This is mainly because Google is a dynamic search engine and the Internet in itself a dynamic entity with millions of websites. So, it is not only what you are doing to promote your website that affects your ranking but things that are happening around the web also affect your performance. Regardless of the reason why you have lost your ranking, it is vital that you respond as fast as you can because the longer you take to respond the more difficult it takes to revive your ranking.

    Here are few things that you can do to identify the problem and to handle the problem effectively. Google provides you with number of tools that you can use to analyze your website and to identify the problem. You should first check whether your entire website is not showing up or just it is just few pages that are not showing up by making a search in Google using “site:domainname”.

    Secondly, check whether your website is showing up with the warning that states, “This site can harm your computer”. If your website has any malware or malicious software injected in to the site it can make Google feature this warning along with your website. When internet users find such a warning, they will not be visiting your website and this can possibly affect your traffic rate.


    If you have violated any of Google’s guidelines, then your ranking will be affected. You can log into your Google’s webmaster control panel to see whether Google has featured any messages on the possible violations. If you find any such issues in the webmaster control panel, you should address them immediately. If the problem is beyond your knowledge or understanding you should try to get help from an SEO company that can help you clean up your website.

    You should also take the bigger picture into account. At times, it may not be just your website that is affected. Google could have made a change to its algorithm that affects not just your website but a lot of other sites on the web. For such issues, you should try to spend time understanding the factors that are affecting your website. Check the updates from Google and see whether your website could have been affected by the latest changes those have been implemented by Google to its algorithm.

    You need to approach the problem in a very systematic way. Only then, you will be able to identify the issues at hand fast. Random efforts will only make you lose your ranking in Google. The trick here is not to waste any time but to put back your website in Google as early as possible by using approved, white hat strategies.

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