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  • Google’s Tool For Disavowing Links

    If you have been trying fervently to promote your website online in Google then you are very likely to be keeping yourself up to date with the latest Google’s algorithmic changes. The Penguin updates and the Panda updates from Google have been subjecting the webmasters to great distress. Google has been tightening its belt on creating a spam free environment. One of the factors that Google has been lashing out against is link spamming. Many websites have lost their ranking recently based on these moves from Google. Many webmasters have received warning notices from Google on link spamming.

    If Google finds unnatural links to your website you will be notified of the same. It is high time that you acted immediately. Google recommends that you remove as many links as possible which you think are of low quality. To help you handle this process Google has launched a new tool last month, the Disavow Links tool. This tool allows you to tell Google that you don’t want Google to take into account certain links. Google appreciates your proactive approach towards creating a spam free environment and it prevents Google from taking further action on your spammy links.

    At times there may be other sources linking to you on which you don’t have control over or you may have hired an inexperienced SEO or link building company that might have played the havoc. If you think that you fit into any of these categories then Google’s Disavow link tool is just for you. It is best to take preventive approach rather than trying to recover your website’s ranking after Google has taken action against your website.

    On the one hand you should be working on removing the harmful links or disavowing harmful links and on the other hand you should continue building good quality links for your website. You should be all the more careful while building your back links. You should choose your SEO company even more carefully and work only with companies that make use of Google friendly link building strategies. Otherwise you will not only be wasting your time money and energy but you will also be risking your website’s online reputation seriously.

    You will be able to find Google’s Disavow Links Tool under Webmaster Tools. This is a free tool from Google that helps in protecting your website from link spam allegations. Google understands that at times webmasters are not in total control of their website’s links.

    When you want to disavow links, login to your webmaster tools account and visit the disavow links tool page. You will have to select the website for which you want to disavow links first. The next step is to upload the file that contains the links that you would like to disavow. Remember to follow the format in which Google wants you to present the links in the file. Go ahead and take a closer look at your back links and remove them if you think that they are harming you because you can’t be too happy these days just because you have plenty of links. You need to keep only those that help your website and disavow others that are likely to harm your website.

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