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  • Dealing With Unnatural Links Messages That You Get From Google

    images If you have a Google webmaster account and if you have integrated your website or websites to Google webmaster account by verifying your ownership you are likely to get various messages from Google. One type of message that you are likely to get is warning messages from Google about unnatural links. When you get such a message, it indicates that Google is trying to tell you that your website’s ranking is likely to be affected because of certain links that point to your website, which Google does not trust. You should not overlook these messages. It is even more important that you acted on these messages trying to remove the unnatural links.

    What are unnatural links in the first place? Unnatural links are links that are from websites or from sources that are not related to your website in any way. Links from pages that are from sources or pages that are relevant to your website and to your niche industry are considered natural links for the obvious reasons. You should therefore make it a point to build natural links and stay away from links that might be considered unnatural.

    One of the best examples of unnatural links is links from widgets that you might have created and circulated. When your widgets are installed in various websites from diverse niche industries, your website will be getting links from diverse websites. Google will consider these links unnatural because the websites that are linking to your website through your widget are in no way related to your website. When Google identifies such links then you are likely to get unnatural links warning from Google.

    In addition, if you have hired an agency to build links for your website and if they do not follow the best practices in link building then you are likely to end up with loads of unnatural links that can affect your website’s ranking. You need to therefore make sure that you know clearly what your service provider is up to when you are signing up for a link program. You should only work with reputed service providers that offer transparent services. You should demand a final report that includes the landing pages of all the links that they have obtained for you.

    By paying attention to Google’s messages on unnatural links and acting promptly you will be able to save yourself from unnecessary ranking issues. Rather than getting unnatural links and trying to undo the damage caused by those links, it is better to be cautious right from the beginning and get only links that will help your website. Like most business owners you are likely to be using an SEO agency to deal with your SEO and link building needs. Choose a dependable service provider and try to establish long-term relationship with your service provider. This will help you have greater control over your website’s ranking. The next time you get a message from Google on unnatural links act on it immediately.

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