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  • Why Google webmaster tool is useful for your site SEO

    Google offers unique tools that allow webmasters to track the progress of their website called Google Webmaster Tools. Apart from allowing webmasters to track the progress of their websites, Google Webmaster Tools are also a great way to control the way Google indexes and caches pages. To better understand how Google Webmaster Tools can be used, lets take a look at the services offered:

    Content Analysis

    Every webmaster knows content is king, and Google’s webmaster tools allow webmasters to identify potential indexing and caching issues that might be occurring due to improper content. Popular content related problems include:
    Title problems: Repetition of page titles and improper page titles can cause Google bots not to index or cache pages.
    Meta description problems: Improper Meta tags, repeated Meta tags or meaningless Meta tags can result in non-indexing of content.

    Non-indexable content:

    Pages that contain Flash content or other non-indexable media extensions are not indexed by Google.
    It is important to regularly check the Content Analysis section to look for pages that are not being indexed by Google. In a nutshell, webmasters can make sure their website content is being indexed by Google.

    Web Crawl

    The web crawl section allows a webmaster to keep close tabs on pages that are not being indexed by Google. Sometimes certain URLs report non-indexing and ‘page not found’ errors to Google bot. Regular monitoring of the Web Crawl section allows a webmaster to search for potential indexing and caching problems. It is always a good idea to upload a site map on Google Webmasters to allow Google bots to index and cache pages much faster.

    The Links Section

    Link building is still an important part of search engine optimization, and webmasters have to keep close tabs on which links are relevant as per Google. The Links section in Google Webmaster Tools allows a webmaster to know exactly how many incoming link his/her website is receiving. In addition, a webmaster can also carry out a close analysis of the internal linking of his/her website to get a better idea of how the PageRank of his website is being distributed.

    Set Crawl Rate

    The ‘Set Crawl Rate’ option is available under the Tools link and allows a webmaster to decide how frequently Google bots crawl and download web pages. Apart from offering a lucid graph that mentions the amount of data that is being downloaded from a website, the Set Crawl Rate option also allows a webmaster to decide how often Google bots crawl and download data. It is important to keep in mind that the ‘Faster’ option is only available to websites where Google has decided that a faster crawl rate will make a difference.

    Remove URLs

    Sometimes webmasters do not want Google to index and cache certain pages, and it is possible to remove a URL from Google’s site index using the Remove URL section in Google Webmasters (even after a page has been indexed by Google).

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