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    No, we’re not talking about spamming blog comment boxes or forums with signature links – we’re talking about becoming an authority in your field. If you can manage to get other people to view you as a viable resource, you can get them to link to you through the simple expedient of offering to blog for them.

    Suppose your site is an organic gardening site. You want some links back from other sites and high ranking blogs, perhaps in the ’living green’ or healthy eating’ sector. Try contacting the blog owner, give a compliment. Comment a few time in a helpful way, not self promotional. Then offer to do a blog post, for free. Let them know you are happy to share some of your own information, and all you want is a link in return.

    Lots of major blogs and websites have to pay writers and bloggers for content, so your offer might be just the thing! Write a good, informational blog, and use a link to a deep page of your site that it directly relevant to the topic you choose to write on.

    If you can repeat this method over and over, you can quickly build an even larger reputation, especially if you try to tag blogs that link together or follow each other. This brings extra traffic because people in niches often follow a lot of the same blogs. If they keep seeing you pop up, they will come to view you with trust.

    This can be a great method for increasing link juice and traffic. All you have to do is be willing to give away a little content now and then – and believe it, an article on a blog can be a thousand times more beneficial than an article sitting in a directory somewhere waiting to be stumbled across.

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