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  • Blogging for Better Business

    Blogging for Business

    It is often asked why blogs are so important for businesses, and the answer is very simple – blogs equal a higher potential revenue. Simply slapping together a blog and expecting magic to transform your sales numbers overnight however is unrealistic. Today we will take a look at why blogs are effective tools and what it takes to have a successful blog.

    A blog is another avenue for traffic. The more streets you have that lead to your main site, the higher your potential is to increase sales. Even if your main site is highly ranked, it still is not drawing in every potential client possible. Having one blog leading back to your site is good, two is better, and several is really taking the bull by the horns.

    Another nice thing about blogs is that you can use it to get out information about products. You may not always want to tinker with your main site so having a blog addresses that need perfectly. Another thing to keep in mind is that a well maintained blog can be monetized via programs like Adsense or other advertising opportunities and over time become self sufficient or even profitable entities.

    What you need to do when setting up a blog is have a plan. Know the audience you want to target with your blog(s) as best as you can. Focus the content to attract those people, and as importantly, keep your blog fresh. You should plan on adding new content at least 5 times each week – one update per day optimal.

    Create a space where visitors feel comfortable posting comments, and good or bad, make sure you respond to those comments. Consider using your blog to give away some freebies – people love almost anything that is free. Run a weekly contest, randomly choose from those who have posted, or use whatever criteria you desire. The key is that an blog that is interactive is a blog that gets bookmarked and passed around which leads to you getting more links, more exposure and almost assuredly more sales.

    Once you’ve established a thriving blog, you can work to make it more viable for conversions and increase its value as time goes on until you wonder how you ever got by without it!

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