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  • Easy Blogging for Success

    Easy Blogging for Success

    The best practices for writing blog posts have changed very little over the last several years, but there are some differences regarding the type of posts you want to use on a professional blog as opposed to a personal blog. Personal blogs are all about creativity and expression which means they are bound by very few restrictions. Professional blogs, on the other hand, have to reflect a certain standard of not just quality, but consistency. Each post has to be constructed with knowing not only what information to provide a reader with, but how to provide.

    These are a few key rules for writing posts for a professional blog:

    — Keep it simple. Don’t go overboard trying to present too many concepts in one post. You are going to enjoy much better results if you stay focused on one main theme and provide good supporting information that readers can find relevant value in. Think of it this way – it is better to do one thing well than 4 things sort of okay.

    — Keep it concise. On personal blogs, word count doesn’t matter much. On a professional blog, however, word count is a far more important factor. If you go too short (under 250-300 words), the odds are you can’t naturally work in your keywords to get a decent ranking for the post. There is also a problem with supplying good information in that few words for a number of topics. Going too long, definitely anything over 1,000 words, and readers tend to lose interest. They start to skim, if they finish at all, and move on. That means they may miss what you are plugging, get confused, or leave your site feeling no more informed than when they arrived. Writing long is by far worse than writing short.

    — Stay focused. Don’t start blogging on one topic, stray off to an unrelated topic, and then maybe meander back to the supposed focal point of the post. As soon as you start to stray off topic, readers tend to stray toward different avenues to find the information they are looking for.

    — Quality counts! Spell check your work at the very least. You cannot toss out any old random collection of words and expect readers to eat it up. You need to pay attention to grammar, punctuation and writing in a tone and jargon that your target audience can understand. If you present sloppily written work, you will not hold a reader or earn a return visit.

    Blogging does not have to be chore. It is actually a fairly simple and enjoyable way to interact with your audience while helping boost your site or giving your product or brand a little extra exposure. Just because it is not actually “your site” does not mean you should treat it like less valued real estate. A blog is extremely valuable when used correctly. By following the tips provided here, you can maximize your ability to leverage your blog for strong traffic and good rankings.

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