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  • 5 Reasons SEO Is Unbeatable!

    When you are in the midst of a recession and tightening your belt on expenditures, SEO is one of the areas where you do not want to trim anything away. While SEO is a good value at any time, during a recession it is one of the business expenditures you make which actually makes the most sense. Here are a few of the reasons why SEO makes sense regarding your expenditures when your money is at it’s tightest.

    1. SEO is timeless. The investment you make in SEO is durable. It is not like so many other forms of getting your product out to an audience. Radio and TV ads are over in the blink of an eye. Print ads wind up in waste bins before very long. What you do online remains almost indefinitely. So long as you have your site, you have the positive effects of your SEO efforts. While SEO does evolve, quality, optimized content is something that is not going to go out of style with the SERPs or with readers. You have something that is providing you with a return each and every day.

    2. SEO offers you tremendous flexibility. Because your efforts online are not limited to one small ad in a paper or quick ad on the airwaves, you can expand your SEO as you desire. You can work to raise the profile of your site as a whole or focus on one or a few key areas. You can apply your SEO to whatever area you think will benefit you most. One month it may be link building, the next fresh content. It can all be done in varying amounts with one focused on more than another from month to month.

    3. SEO is integration! With SEO, you do not have to do everything all at once. You can focus on content production one month, link building the next followed by social networking and then directory submissions after that. Whatever you do one month leaves you options that will still be fresh and produce benefits for you even if you don’t do everything all in one shot. You have unprecedented control over how you proceed that isn’t available at a reasonable rate in any other industry.

    4. SEO puts you in control and is cost effective. With SEO you have great influence over what you do and when you do it.  Even with large SEO packages from professional firms, the cost per unit is unbeatable. You simply cannot expand your reach via any other medium for the same amount of money that you can with SEO. SEO is international while other forms of advertising are local unless you want to spend huge amounts of money. Consider this – with SEO youe company in the US can reach your local audience, Japan, Africa and Europe. If you want to try that with television, for instance, what would you spend? There is no rational comparison for the two.

    When times get tough, SEO is an even better buy. Solid SEO from a reputable, experienced SEO firm can do for your business and brand what no other medium can. It is like advertising on steroids. You get the greatest reach possible for what is by comparison the lowest cost possible. You can move at your own pace targeting whatever you choose. That is why SEO is unbeatable!

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