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  • 4 Reasons why your Site Requires An SEO Audit?

    A top position on the search engine results page ensures steady traffic to your website and consequently sales for your product and services. But for your target customers to come to your site it needs to be first visible on the search engine. You need to follow a well planned strategy and stick to organic SEO methods to ensure a top ranking on the search engine results page. If you have been observing that your efforts is not showing considerable results or is not drawing enough traffic to your site, you should get a site audit report. The report will help you unearth issues and this can be rectified to divert the traffic to your website.
    4 Reasons why your Site Requires An SEO Audit
    Let us look at some instances that can help you determine if your site needs an SEO audit to be conducted?

    Low and inconsistent traffic: If you observe that the SEO process is not yielding favorable results for your site, then you need to seriously consider a detailed analysis of your website to determine where exactly you are going wrong or lagging behind. With regular SEO, the traffic has to show a consistent rise but if this is not happening then an SEO audit is recommended.

    First page of Google seems elusive: Google is the most favored search engine and every website aims to figure in the top results of Google. Despite the constant SEO efforts, your website fails to make it to even the first page of Google results, forget the first three result slot. Going in for an audit of your site can help your site dodge past the hurdles and make it to the top listings of Google.

    High Bounce Rate: If the visitors coming to your site are leaving it immediately, then it means that there is something wrong with your site. Either they are not able to navigate through your site easily or maybe the information that you have displayed is not enticing enough; whatever the reason may be, a high bounce rate means loss of valuable customers. You need to get to the bottom of it and only an SEO audit will help you in finding out why are the visitors to your site leaving dissatisfied and once that is determined you can rectify the problems and the bounce rate can be reduced.

    Cold traffic: Your website gets traffic but the traffic is not converting into sales. The reason for this may be many like badly designed website, bad quality content or the keyphrases chosen by you are bringing the wrong target customers. A detailed SEO audit can help here by improvising your SEO campaign to spruce up your website and bring visitors who will set your sales registers ringing.

    These are just some of the main reasons why your website may not be doing well on the SEO front. An audit can boost your SEO efforts and help you get your website to the top of the search engine results page. The sooner you decide, the sooner it can benefit your site. So seek professional help today…

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