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  • How to Improve the Local Search Results?

    Generally, small businesses are locally based. So they need to just address the local audience, instead of jostling with big businesses on the national level. Small business will fare far better on the local searches for locality based keywords than the generic search terms which will expose them to tougher competition; pitting them with big companies that may be already ranking well for those keywords.
    Local Search Results
    Take for instance an attorney, Smith who is looking at ranking his website higher on the search engine. He could spend a tidy sum and yet get nowhere if he were to try to rank for the keyword, ‘attorney’ or ‘lawyer’. On the other hand, if he were to explore the keyword, ‘attorney in Seattle’, he would surely get quicker and assured results as in this case he is competing against limited number of sites targeting the service only in Seattle as against the rest of the country.

    Your website is your business front and so you need to ensure that it carries the right information to be conveyed to your customer. You must make sure that the content on your site is of excellent quality and contains the right keyword, relevant to your business.  Include your locality name if possible in your domain name as that will prove beneficial if your business is local based. Each page of your website should be aptly titled and carry your business and locality name along with the services and products that you have on offer. Including the local information increases your chances of figuring higher on search pertaining to that particular area; so make it a point to put in relevant content on your website.

    Remember to list your site on the local listings and preferably with detailed information regarding the company name and complete address. And you need to carry this information on your website too, not just on the contact page but as footer on every page.

    If your customers are really satisfied with your services, they would not mind recommending it to others too. So request your loyal customers to narrate their experience about your product or service and add it as testimonials on your website. This will lend a credibility to your business which will go down well with your target customers.

    Make use of the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to get noticed by as many people as possible. The social media is the right platform to gain recognition for your business and get your customers to talk about you. So make the most of it. Regular social media updates from you, new blog posts on a consistent basis, sharing of your content, will all help you get recognition on the search engine ranking.

    To conclude, target the local search where as a small business you stand a higher chance instead of aiming at global recognition which may take a long, long time to come by.

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