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  • Tips On How To Effectively Use A Blog To Increase Website Traffic

    Blogs are one of the most effectively used mediums to drive visitors to and increase traffic in a website. They can easily be found in the Internet since their owners are constantly updating them, they are very amusing and entertaining, and they provide useful information for the readers. Aside from being the perfect venue for you to post updates and announcements, your blog can actually aid in boosting the amount of traffic to your main website. Below are some great tips to help your website increase its number of views and create a huge amount of traffic using the power of a blog.

    1. Create Posts That Are Useful

    When blogs constantly have different posts every day, well-known search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo will more likely pick your site as one of the top ranked websites. In addition to that, if your viewers find your website unique, informative, useful, and entertaining, they will most probably bookmark your site to make it convenient for them to visit your blog again. By making them bookmark your site, the chances of your site being viewed more frequently are increased.

    On the other hand, writing posts that are duplicate, boring and unrelated to the industry you are in, it its not likely to generate the amount of visits that you want your website to attract. You as an Internet user would also not be interested to read a blog that contains junk posts. Keep this in mind when generating blog entries. Think of something that you as a user will be very much interested in reading and worth going back for.

    2. Keep Your Posts Updated

    Constantly keeping your blog updated will allow large search engines to recognize your website more easily. This will tell search engines that the website is still active and plenty of people will continue to visit and browse through it. If a site is not updated, people will get tired of viewing it since they will only read the same things or view the same images over and over again. They will lose interest and eventually forget about your website. Many visitors will long forget an out dated blog, which will not generate additional traffic to your site at all. In addition, many other sites have their own blogs that are constantly updated and continue their efforts so if you stop updating your blog, it will simply end up at the bottom of the search results.

    When your viewers and other readers know that your website is up to date, they will always view it to see the changes made to the site. They will also be looking forward to new posts to read, whether it is about current industry news, new tips to remember, reviews or other relevant and interesting topics. Updating a blog is not that hard at all, although you certainly spend time and put a lot of thought in every post that you create. You simply have to place new, informative and useful posts every now and then in order to keep people interested and hooked to your blog.

    3. Submit The URL Of Your Blog

    By submitting the URL of your blog, you are increasing your site’s chances of being viewed since the visibility of your site in search engines is improved. Popular search engines will prefer to pick websites that have submitted their URLs. This one simple step will not get your website at the top of search engine results, but it will definitely help your site get indexed a lot faster. There are a lot of places where you can submit the link of your blog to, and this includes online directories, blog directories and search engines. You can also share links to your blog using social media sites in order to attract more readers and blog readers. When placing comments and participating in forums, make sure that you always include the link of you blog in your signature or posts.

    4. Make Use Of The Blog Roll

    Do not take the blog roll of your blog for granted. Use it to your advantage so as to increase website traffic. By linking other sites to your blog, you will be able to improve the number of views to your website since the other blogs might link your site to their blogs as well just to return the favour and especially if they find the content of your blog relevant to their own site or blog. This will create a sense of community or organization in the blogosphere.

    Making use of the blog roll is a common search engine optimization practice. It has been stated that the more links your site has, the more traffic your website will gain. The next thing you must do now is to find other blogs that is relevant to the topic of your site and blog and include them to your blog roll. Besides, your readers will definitely enjoy having additional resource that they can find on your blog when you feature other blogs that contain relevant content.

    5. Ensure That The Blog Provides Useful Information

    The advantage of making sure that your blog provides useful information is that it will keep your viewers interested in your website. The information that you post must also be current. People do not bother to read information that has already been past-dated or something that they already read somewhere else. They would want to read blogs that have current, new, unique and useful information that they could actually use in the present time. By doing this, you would be able to gain more loyal viewers. In addition, by searching new information, you would also gain knowledge about certain things that you did not know before when it comes to your own industry or blog topic. It would give readers the impression that you are an expert in your field and a reliable source for expert information.

    6. Allow Comments To Expand

    Comments are considered to be one of the most important parts of generating traffic to your website. The comments section of your blog would allow you to converse with your readers and other viewers freely. This way, you will be able to monitor the people that view your blog on a daily basis. Furthermore, when your visitors know that you are active with your website, they will be more willing to visit the site again and again to put their own thoughts on every post that you create.

    If they find you and your site interesting enough, they would be posting more comments and they would probably tell other people about it. Through these comments, you would also be able to get other brilliant ideas from your visitors, viewers, and readers alike. It might even be an opportunity for you to win new clients, and clear up any inquiries and hesitations that they might have.

    7. Engage With Your Readers, Customers, And Other Bloggers

    Chatting with other people will help you know if you are providing quality services and products. While chatting with them, they could give you feedback about your site, blog, products or the business in general and you would be able to know its flaws. By knowing these flaws, you would be able to change them and make your site better so that you would be able to attract more visitors. This will greatly increase the number of views that your site will get. People will be looking forward to the changes that are to be made to your site and to the additional services that you have to offer.

    Also, allow people to place negative comments, as this instance is quite inevitable. This may sound silly, but this is actually a great way to show them that you are open-minded and that you are willing to hear them out and make changes to ensure their utmost satisfaction. If your viewers feel that you are concerned with what they think, they will be more encouraged to view your website, and in turn try out your products and services if there are any.


    If done correctly, your blog can be one of the most effective methods to increase the traffic of your website in a short amount of time. Through your blog, you would be able to tell people about your services and products without difficulty, you would be able to chat with different people, and you would also be able to express your thoughts freely. By being creative, open-minded, friendly, and informative, people will definitely visit your site more frequently. These people may also tell their friends and family members about the great services and posts that your website provides.

    Blogs not only increase your website’s traffic, but it would also give you the opportunity to promote the services that you have to offer. Just keep in mind that if you trust your viewers, you provide useful information, you keep your website updated, and you get as much links as you can, you would be able to increase the traffic of your website without you having to spend a lot of money. This would also make your site more popular, which would also result to more traffic. Be creative and follow the tips provided above to ensure increased flow of visitors to your site.


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