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  • SEO – Top 5 ways to improve your site’s online visibility

    Online shopping and SEO

    No one had ever thought that the search engines would come this far. From merely being the tools for searching information on the web; search engines have become an important factor in deciding the future prospectus of an enterprise. They play a very big role in deciding the future course of an organization. That’s why it would be foolish and immature to neglect their presence and ignore them completely in making the marketing strategies for your business. If you don’t have any clue what I’m talking about, then just Google the term SEO and the rest of the story would be in front of your eyes.


    There is a whole industry out there dedicated to the art of search engine optimization. These numerous SEO companies are constantly fighting with each other to gain the top positions for their clients, in search engine result pages. Have you ever thought; what’s the main reason for this rat race? The reason is that search engines have become the preferred way for people to search information and to buy something online. The thing is, people trust search engines for all their online needs, whether shopping or information. If you want the search engines to suggest your name or your company’s name to the users then you have to build this trust factor in the eyes of search engines. Yeah, I know what must be going on in your mind; how the hell would I do that? To tell you the truth; the world of SEO is rather complex and it’s better to leave the hardcore SEO tasks to the experts but there is something called ‘do-it-yourself’ SEO. These SEO techniques you can apply yourself. And if you are too lazy to do even that then these strategies provides you an overview of the things that you need to get done, in order to make your way to the good books of search engines.


    1. SEO starts right at the stage of inception Although it’s never too late to get awakened to the need of search engine optimization but if you employ the SEO techniques right at the development stage; there is nothing better than that. Yeah I know you may debate this because at the stage of development there are so many things to do, that SEO often takes a backseat. But you need to remember that a website without SEO is good for nothing. You may be putting up a lot of efforts in planning designing and implementing the code etc in the website, but all of that is useless if you are not considering the search engines in your plan of things. Because there are certain things that we can’t change afterwards namely certain on page factors such as keyword density or keyword proximity etc. these things need to be taken care of right at the development stage or even before that.


    1. The right keyword insertion strategy: it’s not a secret anymore that search engines consider these magic words as their favorite ranking factors. However, those days of inserting keywords in the keyword tags and overstuffing the content with the keywords has long gone. Today’s search engines are more sophisticated and smarter than ever before. That’s why; keyword research is an area, where you need to take the help of an expert. Only an expert SEO analyst can advise you on the high ROI keywords that should be used in the content with just the right keyword density and other advanced techniques such as keyword proximity. Selecting the right keywords is similar to making a rock solid foundation for your website. Every strategy, whether on page or off page, that you will ever make in the future would be dependent on the keywords chosen at this stage. For instance; everybody knows that link popularity is one of the most important factors considered by search engine to rank your web page but only few of them know that the correct way for link building begins with selecting the right keywords in the anchor txt. And most of these keywords are the keywords from the keyword analysis stage. So now you can imagine that how badly it can impact the future of our website or business if we make a mistake at this stage.


    1. Interlink the on page and off page ranking factors: Yeah you may have heard from one of your know-it-all friends that there is no need to spend any money or effort on the on page search engine optimization and how he is earning a lot of money by just concentrating on the off page optimization. If you show me this guy I will show you a liar, unless he is spending a lot of money on paid advertisements. Even paid advertisement shows only the relevant ads these days. The fact is that on page and off page factors works in sync with each other. For instance; let’s say you place a link to your website, somewhere on the web. Of course, search engine would considers that a plus point for you. However, there are certain other things that the search engines will take into account. The search engines will look at the keywords in the anchor text of the link and compare these keywords with the keywords on the landing page. Once it finds the perfect match only then you will be able to draw all the benefits from your link building strategy.


    1. Think users: Don’t forget the main purpose of your website or blog is to serve users not the search engine bots. Search engine bots are not going to buy your stuff. At most they can help the human users to find your website or business. So try to create content that is useful to the users. To tell you the truth; the first few visitors to your website never paid that visit to buy something. The reason being; they don’t trust you. They are just there in search of information. However they have at least paid a visit. Therefore instead of just trying to sell and promote your stuff; try to solve their problems, offer them the genuine solutions even if they are not related to your products. The purpose here is to win their trust. Just remember one thing that in online business, it’s very hard to gain people’s trust but once you earned it it’s very difficult to lose it. Once the users trust someone they can believe him blindly. Once you reached that stage, start selling your stuff and look at the results. I’m sure you will want to pat yourself on the back for spending time and effort on building trust among your users.


    1. SEO and Social Media: You may know how to make search engine bots happy; you may have all the tools in your arsenal to accomplish that. But hang on what about the humans, what about the traffic? Okay I understand that the search engines will bring a lot of traffic to your website. But how that traffic is going to react once it reaches your website; is it going to stay there for long enough? These are some of the questions that you should ask yourself and try to find out where you went wrong with your strategies. Okay stop pulling your hair over the ever increasing bounce rate of your website. I will tell you where you went wrong in your quest for building the most profitable online business. Although you must have tried all the formulas and strategies to bring traffic to your website but along the way you have forgot that it’s not just the traffic but the quality traffic that determines the success of an online business. Targeted traffic often turns into conversions. And conversions are the end results, the ultimate fruit for all your hardships, all our on line and offline optimization and promotion efforts. That’s why; we should keep conversions in mind while doing anything for your website. It may be anything; article submissions, selecting the sites for link-building. There should be only one thing on our mind that how these are going to get us the conversions.As already mentioned, getting targeted traffic is a sure fire way to get conversions. Now the question is how and where to get these targeted users. The answer is simple; in addition to search engines; also target the places where people spend most of their time. Yeah, you guessed it right; I’m talking about social media i.e. social networking sites. In the beginning just concentrates your efforts on the major ones only, namely; Facebook, Twitter and Google+. To make your presence felt in social media, the strategy is almost the same. You have to win the trust of the users. In social media you can accomplish that by providing things like tips related to your products, coupons and discounts and you should also be bold enough to listen to their complaints. Social media is one of the most interactive types of media and everybody has the right to say anything, that may be in favor of your product or it may be against it. You should have the guts to face it and take necessary steps to rectify the issue.

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