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  • The Mystery of Explainer Videos Explained

    The What, Why and How on Explainer Videos

    Let us begin by understanding the term first. True to its name, explainer videos are short videos, generally some seconds to maximum 3 minutes long, which present the business, explain a concept, or talk about the product or service. Animated explainer videos make a huge impact and are displayed on the company website to present the product or sell the service to the audience. You may ask why animation? Obviously, because animations are attention-grabbers. Who doesn’t like animations! A well animated video is sure to grab viewership.
    That brings us to the question- Why make an explainer video? The attention span of people is getting shorter and shorter. A long winding content may fail to hold their attention; on the contrary a short video will capture their interest. Visual is ‘the’ medium now. Explainer video can be used to explain your business crisply in a brief way. A simple, visually appealing video can help you reach out to your target audience and goad them into action. They can be used to supplement the textual information, such that all aspects of your business can be explained lucidly. These videos can be used as a promotional tool and can be posted on social networking sites or sent as emailers or can be added on the landing page of your site to reach out to your targeted customers.

    What goes into making a good explainer video? First point to be noted is that you need to have a good script ready. It has to be crisp, to-the-point and no beating around the bush. The first few seconds should be so impactful that it should grab the attention of the viewer and they should not exit mid-way through the video.

    Speak to the audience i.e. make it a conversational video and not self gloating types. If you are able to make your point, anyways you will end up converting the viewer into a client; so stop hard selling. A totally company oriented video may lose out on the interest of the prospective client. They will be more interested in knowing what is in it for them, so have your video explaining just that.

    If you can have an animated character to represent your business or your product, then you can make a strong impact. Pleasing and colorful visuals can be used to impress the audience and keep them riveted to the video.

    Use a strong and audible voice-over. The narration should be clear, smooth and not too hard on the ears. If needed, you can put in an apt soundtrack too. But ensure that it does not override the narration.

    If an element of humor can be introduced to present the point, then you can keep people glued to your video. This is a challenging task for the script writer, but if it can be incorporated then your video will surely go viral.

    From the first few seconds itself the video has to be fun, effective and engaging. That will win over audience for you and will lead to more hits on your site and consequently convert into sales for your business.

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