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  • The Effectiveness Of Directory Submission In SEO


    Submitting links to directories still has a high level of effectiveness. It might have been disregarded by a lot of link building professionals but it has certainly proved its worth. Experts do link building to perform successful SEO methods but they need to have two things to end up victorious. They need to have links that can last for a long time and they must look for directories that have high ranks and heavy website traffic.

    There are already various websites containing information about the nature of directory submission and the steps involved with the process. Thus, what I’m going to tackle in this article will only be about the steps that you need to do to effectively manage your directory submission activities. You would find below a few pieces of advice on selecting the best directories over the Web that will be able to help with your search engine optimization strategies.


    Build A Comprehensive List

    Not all directories can be beneficial for you. Thus, build a comprehensive list of the ones that are reliable and reputable in their field according to Google. Once you have established a good list, do manual submission of your links. You may even check out our own list. After that, know the Google crawl rate, domain authority and check the Page Rank of each site for your own good. If you keep submitting your site to junk directories, there is a potential that it will do more harm than good for your site.

    Save Approved Links

    Use your browser to bookmark the links of the directories, which have passed all of your criteria. This will help you not to waste your time for another directory hunting every time you want to submit a new site or blog to the directory. In a addition, there are a lot of directories that you can take advantage of, and it may be very hard to keep track of each of them if you do not save these links on you bookmarks.

    Don’t Pay Directories Right Away

    Some directories offer links at a dictated price. A few of them are great scam artists so have a transaction with those reliable websites only. There are reliable review sites where you can find feedback from other individuals and find out about the reputation of a particular directory that you are looking to use. Also, make sure that the online directory that you will use has a very good ranking, especially if you are going to pay for your business or website to be included in the listings.

    Never deal with websites who are giving tons of directory submission in exchange of 15 dollars. There may be a lot of them over the Internet but trust me when I say that it will never do you good to participate in this kind of transaction. These websites can put your site into dust and label it as black hat.

    About Reciprocal Links

    Prevent from offering reciprocal links to directories in your site. This action might send a harmful alert to Google about your website and if that happens to you, you would have a fewer shots for higher SERPs. This situation can actually be remedied by creating a separate blog or by purchasing another domain for your directory submission.

    The Power Of Directories That Are Related To Your Niche

    Directories that are related to your niche are highly recommended because of their effectiveness yet at times, you have to give them a reciprocal link or a payment for their services. If your budget has room for this kind of process, then you may do so but know that there are other directories that will not charge you with anything. It would also be helpful if you submit your site to directories that are related to your niche. This way, you will have more chances of people actually going to your site from the directory because these people went to these sites for a particular purpose.

    Choose Categories That Are Relevant

    Putting your link in a category that is relevant to your site is the wisest thing that you can do for you to achieve the approval of your links and you for to be easily searched by your visitors. If you want your site to be found by Internet users who are looking for it, make sure that you categorize your site or blog properly when submitting in various online directories. Placing it under the wrong category may lead to your submission being rejected. Plus, some users might not find it relevant even your site was approved.

    Additional Link Building Web Pages

    Most of the times, directories give intensive link building, which will allow you to create links using a different set of keywords aside from the links that you can make for your landing page. Just bookmark again your finished links for a more effective time management. Remember, the more links that lead to your website, the higher relevancy your website would be to search engines.

    Your Description Must Be SEO Friendly

    Almost all of the directories online do not care if you put a description about your company or not. However, it is an essential part of your search engine optimization tactics. Make sure that your description has the relevant keywords that are totally related to your link or site. Also, prevent from stuffing keywords into your description to the point that it will not make sense anymore. Otherwise, Google might categorize it as irrelevant and label you as a spam over the Web. Make the description useful by containing the right amount of keywords for the search engines, while making it informative for Internet users.

    Never Fill Your Title With Keywords

    It is great to have all the keywords in the world in one place but please save your title from that ill practice, similar to what you should do with descriptions. People prefer short yet catchy titles so just insert no more than two keywords to that part of your link. That is an important rule so try your best to remember it. Moreover, there are still other parts in your submission where you can freely place the keywords that you want, so do not worry about having to neglect all the relevant keywords that you want to use for your website. Just try your best to make your title catchy, interesting and relevant for Internet users to be attracted to it.

    Adhere To The Set Rules

    Directory submission has its own set of rules that you should follow, whether you like it or not. Now, where do you get a book for this kind of information? Well, this data can be easily seen over the Internet and you just have to be updated of the newest trends out there. By doing so, search engines and your visitors would surely love your website. These rules are almost always reasonable and easy to follow, which are also beneficial to your site so there is no reason for you not to follow it when submitting your website to various online directories.

    Do Not Perform Any Magic

    Directory submission has no place for your magic tricks, but if you stay firm that those trick will not greatly destroy you, then simply deal with the punishments once you are detected. Search engines would treat you like dirt so just get your ranking in a clean and appropriate manner. Stay away from black hat methods so that your website will not have to suffer for the years to come. For sure, you do not want your search engine optimization efforts to go to waste in the long run. Especially now with the recent updates that Google implements to eliminate those who practice bad search engine optimization habits, your website could be penalized and it might be very hard for you to recover after.

    Give Your Corporate Email

    Most directories require this kind of email because it is one way for them to see that you are running a reliable business and website. Moreover, they are doing this because they have a reputation to maintain towards your prospect visitors. They need to filter the links given to them and get only those that have a high quality. Save your personal emails for your clients but make sure that you have your own corporate email before you do any directory submission. People are attracted to know that you are not using a free email account.


    Website owners are suggested to apply same domain email ID as much as possible for a higher approval rate. That is because this feature, similar to the corporate email ID, has a more professional look than email IDs that do not have a unified domain name. It is also useful in search engine optimization tracking of your website.

    The bottom line here is that directories are extremely important if you have a website as part of your search engine optimization strategies. Why, search engines have directories in their own systems so you can never doubt the significance of these websites and their capacity to increase the amount of users going to your site. Thus, directory submission can be very effective and still bring you a huge amount of traffic and drive a lot of visitors to your site and rock your world. In time, you will enjoy the benefits of having your website on various directories online.



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